The hills are beconing..

img_0699With the night drawing in and the cold setting up camp it’s that time of year we dust off our winter walking and climbing kit.. the first sprinkles of snow on the Norther Carneddau mountains range of Snowdonia generates a stir of excitement amidst the climbing community. Crampons will be sharpened, axes too and the winter boots and gators will be given a bit of dubbing.. yes it’s that time of year again!. Fitness regimes begin to take on a more serious note now (aside for the occasional festive dunk and mince pie) as lots in the climbing communities get ready for some winter climbing and walking action.. what a great first to tick off if you have yet to bag your first winter peak.. it’s worth doing your home work and a fair bit of prep if your serious about peak bagging even in the snowdonia range, as the mountain rescue teams and helicopters are very busy this time of year rescuing all manor of ill prepared peeps. Best to do a into course or certainly take good company and test your kit and grit on some mild plods first a few times.. have a look at all the upto date weather channels ( and make sure your pick up a OS map guide in the 1:25000 scale for the areas your walking ( Areas to check out when the snow starts to fall would be The Owen Valley and Cwm Idwal , The llanberis pass and the Berddgelert region. Pack your Gloves a flash and enjoy!

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