Whats on North Wales on a wet weekend

The rainy days are two a penny on Anglesey and North Wales in the winter time. Its not uncommon for them to even coincide with a weekend sometimes which can be a bit of a downer! but if you’re organized and if you know what’s on in north wales, on you can often make the most of these rainy days by getting out to various places to have some fun. This weekends visit was to the Indy climbing wall.  I think its a great way to have a good work out, to tick off some good challenging climbing problems and have a social with friends over a cuppa tea and climbing magazines.  There are two great options are climbing walls on and just off the island of Anglesey. We cover the first on this visit this weekend Which was to the Indy Climbing Wall, in Llanfair PG, Well put the address in the link below.

I have written an article on the Indy in the Whats on top Adventures section on the website so feel free to have a look at that for a further in-depth chat about the place
Needless to say it is a great fun thing to do and catch up with your friends and do some exciting stuff there. Its a super safe environment and the kids love it, there is loads of cool things on the problem sections and it’s super family friendly. We have passed many winter evening away here with a cold dark dreary winter skies invade our northern hemisphere.  You can rent climbing shoes harnesses and any of the other technical stuff and there is full variety of options there for the to more advanced climbers and the staff there are super kind and experienced climbers on hand to give good instruction.

We particularly love the Indy as there is a very warm welcoming feel to the place. This was the first Climbing session we had collectively as a group done this winter- yes I know…. it’s been a bit of a lazy winter! but needless to say we did a few routes, albeit basic routes but got back into the fold of doing some top roping, its excellent way to get some winter fitness built.
Admission is 6 pounds and that is for as long as you want, I think that maybe concessions for students and for people past pension age and for children. We find a great way to spend a Sunday morning and hangout there (excuse the pun), there is always good music on (if Daves working), and there is a cafe there which serves all sorts of refreshments. We we have great laugh there hope you can get there and enjoy it too!.

The main lead wall at the Indy, which now has an auto delayer.


The auto delayer in action, as nice addition for adults and kids!


The central bouldering wall, with come serious overhangs..


Shop and front desk


There are so many routes to choose from with a fair spread of easy to hard (4a-6c)


There are some nice basic routes to warm you up on..

Get over to the Indy some time and have a cool day out.. Enjoy!
Links : http://www.indyclimbingwall.co.uk/

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