The Dingle Nature reserve, Llangefni Anglesey.

We headed out for a quick walk around The dingle nature reserve in Llangefni (Nant Y Pandy), Anglesey. It’s a 25 acre woodland site in the center of Anglesey.

The council have created a fantastic board walk area that leads all the way up towards a salmon leap and follows up all the way to Llyn Cefni / Cefni reservoir which is about a 1.8km walk. It’s a fantastic place to check out and the River Cefni coming through the pools and rocks as it sweeps around the woodland forest,  it just look’s just amazing. There are ducks galore there, so if you want to take some bread to feed them with the children, do so!. The river and surrounding area has had a huge face lift which is amazing to see, the water looks clean and the wood work is fantastic. There are benches and pontoons overlooking certain points of the river, which is great for picture spots. There are also a variety of trails that lead off in the area for walks so just check the notice boards there for directions.

We often go fly fishing around here and we are always amazed at how many fish there can be all the way in the middle of Anglesey so far from the main source. We will do another blog on fishing the Cefni river in the spring when the water ways open for fishing. Fishing the river of Anglesey requires a permit / licence which can be accessed through the link. Get out and explore Anglesey’s Rivers and the Dingle reserve this spring.

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