Beaumaris is situated on the shores of Anglesey in North Wales. Its meets the north eastern edge of the Menai Straits and is a famous Welsh town with tons of appeal. What makes Beaumaris special is its proximity to the foreshore and beautiful Anglesey land further to the west. In summer months Beaumaris is one of if not the most popular seaside towns in Wales, with visitors lining the streets and walking the shores by day.

Beaumaris bay by Janet bell.

It has seen an great development in past years with the expansions of more restaurants, cafes, bars  added just a few years ago with way more tourist activities at hand now too. With the new pier rebuilt in 2012 the beach front has had a dramatic facelift. The Victorian piers of North Wales all could do with a face lift like this- its fantastic to walk along and have an ice cream, of to go fishing. Its a blast from a era gone by. There are many cafes and restaurants to visit (look at whats on eats), which I think ill save for a later article.

On this visit we headed to Plas Cadnant, which has some beautiful hidden gardens there. It sits along the river cadnant (Afon Cadnant) which enters the Menai Straits just before Beaumaris. We had wanted to visit Plas Cadnant but fell short of the mark, as its still closed for winter still, we believe its opening for easter. Looking forward to checking it off soon. from Plas Cadnant we took a walk down under the main road under the expressway where ou can access the shores of the menai straits, you can’t walk too far at high water but you can get beautiful ground up views of Ynys Gaint, one of the few Islands in the menai straits. It also looks a great sport for fishing on a high tide!

There is a fantastic ice cream parlour in Beaumaris called the Red Boat, which serves home made ice cream and really good coffee. While the rain fell we spent a afternoon in there with friends. Then headed out for a quick lap of the town before nightfall. A few key place of interest if your visiting Beaumaris, are Obviously Beaumaris Castle, Beaumaris Jail, the pier, Plas Cadnant, There are also boat tours, puffin island cruises & fishing trips running during the day from the pier, Beaumaris lifeboat house, Beaumaris court house, The little chilli shop and Janet bell art gallery, So plenty to do and visit!. There is a good list on attractions Tripadvisor also.
Some good websites for the town to see its attractions and history are,, and

Some pictures of the town below.. Take a visit there and enjoy!

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