Things to do in north Wales

Are you traveling to North Wales for the bank holiday weekend ? You probably already know that the area is a beautiful place but you might be left wondering what to do. We have broken down some of the best things to do around the area to help you decide what you should do when you arrive..

The North Wales area is quite well-known for their participation in watersports. Whether it be surfing, kayaking, SUP’ing, windsurfing or blasting across the sea in a RIB boat, there are plenty of watersport activities to get involved in on your stay. Each one of these activities will give you time outside and get you the chance to see some of the best wildlife and scenery that the area has to offer. Visit Rhosneigr in Anglesey to visit Funsport and Gekko, they both hire excellent surf, sup and kayak equipment out daily..

Pleasure Cruises

There are a variety of pleasure cruises to head out for the momrning or afternoon such as The Puffin Island Pleasure Cruise and Rib Ride  which will take you out on the water to see beautiful sights and marine wildlife local to the area..or maybe just a fast blast our through the meani straits to clear your head and get some adrenalin flowing.. Make sure to take ones of these trips to help get a view that even some locals dont get to see.. With hidden coves, nesting sea birds, seals, and much more to see, its a must to get an alternative view of our islands.  We often say if you havent seen the island byt the sea then you havent seen its true beauty yet.. get out and explore the waters!

It isn’t every day that you get to see a 500 year old castle, especially ones that hold such rich historical background,  North Wales has a good collection of castles with many of them being in fantastic condition for their age.. With guided tours and walks at most of these sights and the views from up high in the turets, its like taking a step back in time. Take a peek at Gwydir Castle, Harlech Castle, Beaumaris Castle, and Chirk Castle just to name a few..

Churches and Chapels

A trip to north Wales is not complete without veiwing some of the rich history we have in the form of Cathedrals and ornate churches. Beautifily built in many different eras,  Try taking a look Bangor Cathedral and St Aseph Cathedral.. Both are very diffenebt yet stunning unique in their indervigual style. Both are free to visit and admire their architecture and grounds. Holy Island has one of the oldest Roman churches, St Cybi’s church 540ad, it is still standing in remarkably good condition and is rather amazing to see.

Mountain Hiking

North Wales may not be where most people think about when they think snowy mountain climbing but Snowdon is about to prove you wrong. No one has a full trip to North Wales without taking a chance to go up Snowdon. Keep in mind that some routes are more challenging than others and you should plan accordingly. There are many local guides who can help you plan and take a adventure up a not sobeated track shouldyou wish to test your adventure limits. Otherwise there are many routes in a number of differnet valley systems, we have the Llanberis pass, Ogwen valley and the conwy valley just to name a three! There are many walking routes to do in these areas totalling 14 peaks over 1000m in the snowdonian catchment area.

Zipworld Safari

Not scared of heights? Enjoy the thrill of being amongst the top of trees? Then you need to try out Zipworld Safari. You will get the chance to go out and ride zip lines above the trees. There are over 20 lines at Zipworld and they have six ropes courses that you can try out. Being high up on these fast moving lines is not for the feint of heart!

Nature Parks

North Wales is full of great walking oppertunities in its nature parks. From the Bryn Euryn Nature Reserve to The Dingle, there are plenty of great outdoors adventures simply waiting for you in North Wales. Taking a walk and connecting with nature at some of the nature parks will make any trip with the family into a mini adventure. Also be sure to see The Owls Trust at Bodafon farm park in Llandudno, a owl rescue center who have open days where children can hold the owls and get see the animals being fed. Then go and visit the hugely enthusiastic nature warden “Will” at The Holyhead breawater country park- he will give you amazing insights into the local areas nature, history and enviroment..these are just to mention a couple.

Llanberis National Slate Museum

Take the chance to experience what it is like to work with Welsh slate. At the National Slate Museum, not only are you in the shadows of slate mountains of Llanberis in Snowdonia, but you get to see a real slate facility breath life to slate processing in front of you. Seeing this amazing material being worked can be surprising. You will get a taste of the past of houw all the workers, cut, fashioned and worked the slate. How they lived in the mountains, what kind of tools they used and how their daily lives felt. They have left all the old parts of the work houses as if they where only left yesterday. It has a very special feel! Llanberis slate is considered one of the best in the world and has a rich herratage to it and its export globally. Llanberis is also steeped in climbing culture and climbing on slate is a climbing sport of its own.  Some of the earliest climbing as a recreation in the history of the sport was done in these very quarries and world famous names from all over the world come to do battle with the Welsh slate!

Holyhead Maritime Museum

Inside the oldest lifeboat station in all of Wales you will find the Holyhead Maritime Museum. Besides being a piece of history in itself, the building houses many pieces of local boating history.  Knowledgeable guides will educate you on what it was like to sail in the area. You will also learn about pirates and shipwrecks of the coast of wales.. Holyhead and Anglesey alike being Islands have an increadibly rich martime history, of boat building, exploration and trade which is just fascinating to learn more about.. Anglesey is itself a very special place for shipwrecks, as so many vessles where ran aground on this islands coast in yester year. Divers coming to the island take abvantage of the rich maratime marine life that they host on the seabed. You can do the same pack your snorkel, mask wetsuit and fins and head down to the beach in summer for a snorkel.

What ever you decide to do, make sure you head out and have some form of mini adventure whilst your here.. Enjoy!

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