The Llyn Peninsula, North Wales

The long leg stretching out down the North Wales coast past Anglesey, is the Llyn Peninsula. This stretch of land is home to some of the most popular holiday destinations in the Snowdonia and north Wales region. Holiday destination doesn’t mean party towns in this part of the world, instead, it is for the beautiful sea views and natural tranquil environment that surrounds it.

The Llyn peninsula hasn’t always been a home to holiday ventures. Traditionally, the area was used as a travel route for pilgrims headed to Bardsey Island. Throughout history the important stops in this area were holy wells. Small towns were built out of materials harvested from local resources. Big industries stayed out of the area with the only industrial operation being mining and quarries.

One of the things you will notice down the LLyn is that the area is very remote (in a beautiful way). Due to this remoteness of the area much of the traditional culture still exists. Many people will speak Welsh here as their iaith gyntaf (first language). The various towns in the area all have a welcoming small town atmosphere and are very vibrant during the spring, summer and autumn months.

With the back drop of the snowdonia mountains and the wall to wall coastline surrounding this peninsula, its no accident that it is one of the major gems of Wales. The Llyn is a water sports paradise as there is so much coastline and beaches to play with. Sailing, wake boarding, Surfing, Kitesurfing, fishing, kayaking, scuba and spear fishing are just some of the water sports here- it really is a Mecca like Anglesey. We have added a few links of activities below..

Accommodation wise if your looking for a holiday cottage in Wales then this is your place to go…There is a lot of beautiful Holiday cottages and luxury holiday cottages on the Llyn peninsular, north Wales. Some are beach front beauties others are quite bolt holes inland a little. We have listed some links at the bottom of the blog for you to find something to suit your desires..

Culture and art wise you would have to have a month here or more to cover all the ground, so we will save the topic for a complete blog! but nevertheless there is a a lot to cover from Bardsey Island pilgrim walks to the rich historical past of the mining communities and the welsh fishing industry gone by.  Further to the eastern Llyn peninsular the famous towns of Porthmadog are home to the most beautiful architecture at Portmerion, which can be a fantastic afternoons activities to go and see.. There are several towns in the area that attract many people in the summer months dude to their natural beauty.. We have created a list of the top six that we recommend you visit on your stay…


With 1,000 residents, Abersoch is considered to be a large sized town. It is most well-known for the beaches that have played an important part in the history of this marvelous place. Since 1869 they have operated a lifeboat station out of the town and that has led to watersports and water based tours. It is also a popular place to stay for the nearby Snowdonia National Park. One of the claims to fame for Abersoch is that it was named one of the best places to live in Wales in 2017.

If you are traveling to the area, you need to visit Porth Neigwl Beach, or Hells Mouth as it has been nicknamed. It can boast large waves, a long, open beach, and vast expanses of sand at low tide. But what might be the best part is the clean nature with the view of the ocean. With beaches this pure the best activities in this town are all centered around the water.

Must see and do : Hire a SUP (stand up paddleboard) and take a tour of the bay!


The name Pwllheli means salt water basin and it is an apt name for the town. It sits on the waters edge on the Llyn Penisula and is another large town. Pwylleli is well-known for being home to the Plaid Cymru, a political party. A majority of the population of Pwylleli still speaks Welsh. In 2001, 80% of people in Pweylli spoke Welsh. A lot of the towns activities are associated with the water. This is because of the ocean location and a large marina that has been heavily modernized. At the marina, there is both a sailing club and a sailing academy. Besides the marina, there are also two beaches to take the time to walk and swim.

Must see and do : Take a days sailing tuition on a yacht or power boat at Pwyllheli marina


Nefyn is another beautiful welsh town, the beautiful drive down A497 (that should be in a top gear video)  takes you right up to the town centre of the town. Also included in the community of Nefyn is Edern and Morfa Nefyn. Nefyn dates back to 300 BC. Standing above the current location of Nefyn, on top of a hill, can be seen the ruins of the first town in the area.
In the area is the Nefyn and District Golf Club that boasts some of the best view a gold course can in the world in our opinion, simply outstanding..It has 27 holes. Golfing in this town course allows you to take in the beauty of the area while enjoy your past time simultaneously at the same time.

Outdoor activities are very popular in the Nefyn area. Cycling, hiking, walking, and more are all things that you can do in the area. There are many foot paths and coastal paths that across the area. Water sports are becoming more popular in the area as the availability of watercraft becomes more prominent there, beaches to die for and some of the most Devine beach houses I have eve seen dotted on the shore side..maybe WONW will be based there one day!

Must see and do : Play a round of golf at the world famous Nefyn golf club


Surrounded by both the sea and mountains you will find Trefor to be a lovely semi-isolated village. A small harbor has been built in the area and a beach is also located along the coast line. The main reason that the village was able to develop as much as it has is the granite quarry in the area. Activities in Trefor include exploring, swimming, pleasure boating, and surfing. Because of the size of the village, it is not as active as other locations listed here.

Must see and do : Take a walk down to the beautiful pier and beach and have a dip in the water

Bardsey Island- Ynys Enlli

You may have seen Bardsey Island mentioned in the introduction to this article. The name plays a big role in the area of the Llyn Peninsula. Many know this island as the “island of 20,000 saints” but it has a more mystical history too. Legend has it that Merlin was imprisoned in his tower of glass on the Bardsey Island. Others have said that Merlin’s cave is located on the island. Some residents can even point out the specific place that the cave is located. The ancient word “Bard” was a name given to the highest scholars of the druidic society, it is literally transplanted “poet”. A bard was one of the highest of not the highest scholarly titles a druid could hold and was considered to be as high if not even higher than the kings themselves who they councillor and advised. Traditions and cultures where kept alive through poetry and song, these traditions are still going very strong to this day.

It is quite easy to believe that Bradsey Island is the home to anything magical or mystical. Pristine wild hills of green and amazing architecture make this place a must visit. Being only accessible by boat makes the island pretty undeveloped and that means that there is plenty of nature. Bardsey Apple is a twisted Apple tree that is thought to be that last remaining tree from a monk orchard. Seeing the tree and knowing that ancient monks once harvested it can be an amazing feeling. Besides exploring Merlin’s cave, there is a wonderful light house on the southern tip of the Island that stands as a beacon for ships in the Irish Sea and St. George’s Channel.

Must see and do : Get a boat trip over to the Bardsey and see the magical island..


As a small costal village, Porthdinllaen is very beautiful. It has the unique feature of having limited access to vehicles. Only residents may drive in the village. Visitors must walk through the village to get to the beach or any of their other destinations. This makes the experience even more magical. It allows you to experience the village much like it was in the past.

Porthdinllaen has been used multiple times as a filming location. This is due to the beautiful nature and the fact that it is so reserved for only residents. While in the area you should try out the golf course and beach. Both will give you quite an awesome experience. While connected to the rest of the continent, the Llyn Peninsula is quite traditional with amazing outdoor areas. Most areas are left still very natural compared to how modernized other areas are. For the most fun make sure to prepare for a variety of outdoor activities and bring the appropriate clothing. If you want to get away for a unique holiday, visit the Llyn Peninsula. You definitely will not regret the trip.

Must see and do : Visit the Ty Coch Inn and enjoy the views with a drink!

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