Award winning local food and drink of Snowdonia and north Wales

North Wales and Snowdonia have always had a unique culture and environment. There are plenty of up and coming food and drink companies to match this rich blend that our country embodies. There are a great many of medium sized food and drink companies that are trail blazing their way to success here right now and  you simply must try when you come to visit the area. For those holidaying here in north wales, you might want to visit our food and drink festivals that are dotted across the area through out  the summer months (see below on our calendar page) and why not visit the establishments themselves because they are some of the best out there.

There are now Welsh branded foods that are being exported to 20-30 different countries around the globe, Snowdonia cheese and Halen Mon being our two flagship brands. Wales is really making its stamp in the home grown arena and more restaurants, local cafes and companies are adopting a food made locally menu within a 50 mile zone… I’ll drop an extra couple of ideas on the home grown theme at the bottom of this blog. PS most of these companies listed below do tours and have open days, to showcase how they hand make all their own produce, so give them a call and stop by and see them.

Halen Mon Anglesey Sea Salt

Isle of Anglesey
There are plenty of companies that make sea salt around the world, but Halen Mon is different. At Halen Mon, they focus on making sea salt that is healthy and fresh. The original sea salt was made in the family kitchen but the demand soon grew and they started producing more and more with the same great care. Halen Mon produces the standard white sea salts that have become an essential for cooking around the globe. But they go beyond that and craft fine sea salts with ingredients like chilis, garlic, and celery. The options are enough to make your mouth water, even without the food.


Snowdonia Cheese Company

Snowdonia Cheese Company produces their cheeses in one of the finest valleys of North Wales. Transported with care from the valley, the company crafts the cheeses with expert artisanship. The company produces a range of cheeses.  From the Black Bomber to the Red Storm, each fine cheese has a different flavor that you will learn to cherish. After the first flavor, you will want to try all of them. This is the reason that the company is growing and moving up.

Snowdonia Cheese


South Caernarfonshire Creameries

South Caernarfonshire Creameries is another cheese company that is giving others in the area a run for their name. The company offers a huge variety of cheeses in different styles, including grated cheese and bulk cheese. The company has won multiple awards, including top awards at the British Cheese Awards. Cheese isn’t the only thing produced by this fine creamery, they also make butter.

south caernarfonshire
South Carmarthenshire creameries


Purple Moose Brewery

Crafted in the harbour town of Porthmadog, Purple Moose comes in a variety of styles and features unique tastes that customers have loved for years now. Purple Moose Brewery offers micro brews and currently has 7 brews available. Of the seven available, five of them have won multiple awards. Visiting the brewery and shop will give you a behind the scenes look at what makes their microbrews so special. In the small town and brewery prepare to see a different world of bilingual signage and two languages being spoken.

Purple moose breweries

Snowdonia Mushrooms

Glan Meirion, Nantmor
Snowdonia Mushrooms is a family business that started as The Mushroom Garden and has sense grown to be a thriving business. With care, a variety of mushrooms to delight your taste buds can be found from Snowdonia Mushrooms. The family strives to keep the mushrooms grown on their property 100% Welsh. That means they grow with Welsh air, on Welsh soil and wood, with the finest rain and mist. It also means that no chemicals are used in the process.

mushroom garden
Snowdonia mushroom garden

LLaeth Y Llan -Village Dairy

Straight from the country side comes Village Dairy yogurt, some of the best yogurt that you will ever eat. With all-natural ingredients and processes, the village diary will catch your attention with every bite. Use it to take a well-deserved break in your work. Village Dairy yogurt is available in a variety of sizes and flavors to make every customer satisfied.

llaeth y llan
Llaeth y llan-village dairy

Bradgy Conwy Brewery

Llysfaen, Conwy
Bradgy Conwy Brewery is a cask and bottle ale company that produces ales for any occasion. Whether you are just looking for something to sip at home, or want ales for a special occasion, they have the ale that will make you smile. They produce four different lines of ales: Conwy Ales, Seasonal Ales, West Coast Ales, and Small Batch Brews.

Bragdy Conwy Brewery

Menai Oysters

Llanfairpwll, Anglesey
Menai Oysters is a locally owned oyster and mussel farm that provides shellfish of the highest quality to customers all over the area. Their main focus is the wholesale and restaurant market. As a company, Menai Oysters strives to provide some of the safest and healthiest oysters. They meet all standards set by the EU and UK, and go above and beyond those standards to deliver tasty morsels.

Menai oysters

Mon Ar Lwy

Bodogrgan, Anglesey
Mon Ar Lwy creates award winning ice cream with only the best, and healthiest, ingredients. Their goal, to help you remember the first taste of ice cream from your childhood. Before ice cream was produced in large factories with ingredients you couldn’t pronounce. Ice cream is available in 125 ml, 2 L, and 5 L containers.

Mon Ar Lwy, Ice cream Anglesey

Eat My Flowers

Have you ever eaten a flower and went yum? Or thought that it was the most beautiful addition to a cake? Eat My Flowers is a company that grows flowers that are meant to be eaten. Without pesticides, each flower is closely monitored and grown to be beautiful. Eat My Flowers can make any occasion special.

Eat my flowers

There are an abundance of Welsh food and drink companies starting up in and around North Wales. We will back with more companies in another blog soon, there are so many sprouting up so quick it really is hard to keep up with it.. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet!

So maybe now you have bee out to the local super market and hunted down some of these wonderful welsh delights and assuming its warm outside your going to want a picnic spot to eat them in right?
No problem..we thought we would list out top places to go for a picnic in North Wales.. So pack the picnic hamper, blanket, fizz and some juice of the kids and get out in nature to have a bite and smell the lovely fresh air..

Our Top Picnic pics!


  1. Ogwen valley, Snowdonia.. Park your car at Cwm Ideal and walk up to Ellyn Dawn from the car park, its 15 mins walk with kids. We either walk onto the top of the rocks on the right and look down the valley, or head over to the other side of the lake where its quiet. Pack your swimming costume and towel it makes for a chilly but refreshing wild swim in llyn Idwal.

  2. Newborough beach.. Drive over to the town of Newborugh and follows the wind track down to the park park.  Head on over the dunes to the beach proper and find a little corner of paradise with views all the way down the LLyn Peninsular. Delightful. Pack : A kite, swim gear and snorkel!

  3. South Stack on Holy Island.. Head up the long winding track to the famous South stack light house and sit way above the steep grassy banks on the cliffs above the stack. Pack : A warm pullover a guide to birds life in north Wales and some binoculars. Take care with the kiddies on this one- steep cliffs and moist grassy slopes can be a hazard!- Editors note * (Love this spot as my family where the lighthouse keepers of this for many years and multiple generations!)

  4. Llanberis lakeside Snowdonia.. Why not head out into another one of our spectacular valleys to the Llanberis pass to enjoy the wonderful mountain air. The Llanberis pass if further up the track form the lakeside but the views form the lower reaches near the town are nothing but breath taking on a fair weather day! Pack : A pair of walking boots incase you feel the urge to tick off a hill before to build some appetite.. We recommend walks around the old slate queries on the other side of llyn padarn.

And if you can’t be bothered making your own hamper for a day out, whilst writing this article and doing research as you do! We found a Welsh company producing hampers with all welsh produce! HUGE thumbs up! So we thought we’d like to give them a mention for their cool initiative..Bodnant Welsh food do a variety of hampers, worth a look for sure.
Some other useful articles on top welsh food produce..
oh and we couldn’t leave toy without telling you where all these will be showcased through the year can we..

Keep an eye on our whats on calendar page, we have the most up to date listing for on the internet for all things north Wales!

There are some more below.



Hope this was useful and maybe see you at one of the food festivals in the upcoming weeks 🙂

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