Rhosneigr Park Jam

On the shores of the Anglesey coast there are a fairly special group of athletes gathered to take part in an annual event that is part of a world kitesurfing tour. Many nationalities gather to do combat on the water in some of the most dynamic conditions they will experience in this part of the world. With gusting northerly westerly winds, shallow water, fast currents, big diurnal tides and super cold air temperatures the athletes have a tough set of conditions to step up their game in to compete for this events prestigious title. It has already begun in earnest and the first two days have proved incredible viewing from a spectator’s perspective. The athletes from all over the world are performing at an incredibly high level.

Powered up, riders upwind of the kicker on day two.

The Kite Park League, as its know, has its own style which is a blend of kitesuring and wakeboarding, where riders kite surf up to purpose built floating pontoons with ramps and kickers in the water and make amazing jumps and acrobatics. It’s a amazing sport to watch, and I imagine a even more amazing sport to partake in..

Sunset on day three with the riders packing down their equipment.

The kitesurfing competition is part of the world Kitepark League, which is its infancy at two years old, but the staggering thing is the world class level of the riders which flock to the events dotted all over the globe. The athletes compete in heats, sizing one another up to decide who’s manouvres are the most creative and high risk. Both male and female athletes compete and many former and current world number ones arrive at this event to fight it out. Nationalities include Russia, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Scotalnd, England, Spain, Switzerland and Australia.

Setting up for day two at Rhosneigr.

The competition is being played out in the far side of Rhosneigr beach, Anglesey in and around the lagoon boat pool, where the waters are perfect for the riders to reach fast speeds to hit the ramps and sliders in the water. There are heats for both men and women which allow the riders to qualify for the events final and a chance to be the annual KPL event champion. The event is part of a bigger circuit of four other locations around the world with Rhosneigr putting Anglesey again on the map for its world class water sports. The event draw’s much media attention and will run all week from October 1st-5th.

Arial view of the athletes at Rhosneigr. Photo Tom Court.

The young brainchild behind this part of the Kite park league tour is Benjamin Todd, who is no stranger to the world of water sports. Ben who is national standard sailor and kitesurf instructor lives for this style of competition and is mostly found in kneed deep water along the shores of Rhosneigr teaching both young and old students alike to master his sport of kitesurfing. Ben manages the local kitesurfing shop Funsport, which is steeped in kitesurfing and windsurfing history from the late 1990s. This is is the 6th year the event has ran here under the branding of Rhosneigr Park Jam. The event will also move to another location which will have its own purpose built cable park, to let the athletes show case their skills, and of course a week like this would not be fit without a party to close it our right.. Tickets can be found at www.rhosneigrparkjam.com/festival.

Ben Todd tending to his boat at the end of day one.

Fully sponsored riders from Redbull, North Kiteboarding, Slingshot, Posiedon and many more are showcasing some amazing world class standard. Spectating is highly encouraged to cheer on the riders in what are rather cold conditions this October. Head down to Rhosneigr beach in the mornings at 9am The kitesurfing is weather dependant and can be delayed with crazy adverse weather conditions rolling in. So if the athletes are not up and running sit tight warp up and have a coffee while you wait at Funsports surf café, Mojos or Chapin’s on the high street.

If your in the area come and watch it is truly amazing to see and the feedback from the athletes on our islands location is rather amazing also..

To learn more check out the Kite Parks League Facebook and Rhosneigr Park Jam Facebook pages.

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