Colourful communities of north Wales

This year Wales is celebrating the Year of the Sea. The Year of the Sea will promote the wonderfully attractive coastline of north Wales and all things coastal along our shores. This celebration comes on the heels of the hugely successful Year of Legends in 2017, and find Your Epic year of adventure in 2016. Wales is a seafaring nation with strong nautical ties,  being surrounded by sea on three of its four sides has shaped our heritage and culture the way it is today. From exciting ports, quaint seaside villages, beautiful beaches to the wonderful dynamic coastline, north Wales has much to offer and celebrate.

Here is a look at Colorful communities for “The Year of the Sea” theme in north Wales. What better way to explore it than from the eyes of one of our delightful and super creative artists on the island Janet Bell. Janet is based in Beaumaris and has a fantastic colourful take on our islands beauty that is super inspiring to say the least! Janet who has a gallery in Beaumaris has immmered herself since 2007 in north Wales cultivating some beautiful work from all different towns and viewpoints in and around north Wales. We find her work so positive, vibrant and colourful it would be a crime not to mention her in this blog. You can visit her website here  

Throughout this blog we have used Janet’s colourful art to bring you a snapshot of each location from her eyes as an artist. All of the images below can be purchased online on her store in print head over to their amazing gallery in Beaumaris and go see the full collection from postcards, originals and prints in person and have an ice cream on the beach afterwards! Enjoy.
Menai bridge

Menai Bridge has more to offer than its two outstanding bridges: Menai Suspension Bridge and the Britannia Bridge. It also boasts of the Belgium Promenade which was constructed by Flemish Refugees who came here during the Great War. There are plenty of interesting shopping opportunities where you can buy antiques and books. Best of all, the pubs and restaurants cater to all tastes, including the seafood of Menai Bridge. For more information click here

janet-bell -MB
Menai Straits – Janet Bell


Beaumaris has a colourful history which is exemplified by Beaumaris Castle which was built by Edward I. There is more to Beaumaris than this wonderful castle which however is counted among the best castles in all of Wales. While in Beaumaris, be sure to take in the Georgian architecture and enjoy its wonderful seafront and pier. In addition, you can taste some excellent cuisine in the restaurants and cafes. For arts and crafts lovers, there is perhaps no better destination in North Wales than Beaumaris. For more information click here. 

Janet bell- Beaumaris pinks


Portmerion is unique in that it is a village that attracts tourists in great numbers. Designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, Portmerion is an Italian style village that is located on the estuary of the River Dwyryd. This village is very colourful and has much to offer including excellent views from Llechollwyn. The Central Piazza is an example of the village’s quest for good manners. To find out more click here.

janet bell port
       Portmerion Hotel – Janet Bell


This is another outstanding village that has plenty of colour. In particular, the 6 scheduled Iron Age hut groups are an example of the wonderful of Moylfre’s architecture. Other than this, you may also want to check out the numerous shipwrecks off the coast. A modern lifeboat station called the RNLE Seawatch Center is another example of the colourful nature of Moylfre. For more information, click here.

janet bell moelfre
Moyelfre – Janet Bell


When in Rhosneigr, be sure to check out Rhosneigr Beach, a winner of the Green Coast seaside award. It is also a great place for those who love water sports. Traeth Llydan is popular for those who love water-based activities like surfing and swimming as well as snorkelling and kayaking. For more information click here:

new rhos
        Rhosneigr beach – Janet Bell

Treaddur Bay

Treaddur Bay is a colourful place that has a number of interesting rock pools and slipways. The beach is also remarkable because it has a protected bathing place. In addition, the cafes serve up some delightful culinary fare. For more information, click here.

jannet bell T-bay
 Trearddur Bay – Janet Bell

Abersoch – beach huts

Abersoch is another gem in the crown that is north Wales. This beach holiday destination is so popular in the summer months that it can be quite difficult to find somewhere to stay. Camping there is always a host of campsite or two, which can be nicer to stay than a holiday home to be fair as you get a full dose of nature from the minute you put your feet onto the wet grass in the morning you are plugged into nature!
Abersoch is a beach huts are truly unique. They lend a certain character and are easy to access from the beach. Just a two-minute stroll along a private path that traverses through Haulfryn Gardens and dunes. For more information click here.

 Abersoch beach huts – Janet Bell


Rhoscolyn is a delightful little peninsular which is a real gem in the summer months. It boasts a secluded beach called Borthwen (and a secret one just around the corner of the cove near the look out point too- see if you can find it…) We go climbing further around the headland at Rhoscolyn on some amazing sea cliffs, climbing there is mostly single pitch with an atmospheric feeling of the smaller se cliff variety.  Swimming there is an absolute must also. There is something rather magical about this little place. Go visit St Gwenfaen’s church on the roadside and maybe a lunch on the veranda at the white eagle. If you like your farm shops why not visit Bodior farm shop for your summer BBQ needs. There is a wonderful holy spring well there dedicated to St Gwenfaen up on the headland down the hill from the coastguard look out point. I believe this is in the route for the coastal path.

Rhoscolyn – Janet Bell

Porth Dinllaen

Described as an old fishing village perched at the end of a ribbon of land- Oh this place is ecsqsuisite ! We often take a boat from the Menai strait all the way down the Llyn peninsular to Porth Dinllaen have a day on the beach with picnic. Driving is equally as scenic in the summer months with the rival mountain tops of the Llyn Peninsular bearing down on you as you drive down. The rocky headland wraps around back on itself in a classic fish hook shape, nestling into it a wonderful sandy shore that has sheltered fishermen and their cottages for many many years. There is a great walk around it that the national trust have put up here which is a great little adventure. Dinner could be at the famous Ty Coch Inn followed by a cheeky pint of local ale. A beach game of cricket with some nice music playing on the UEO boom! Have a great day on the beach!

Porth Dinllaen – Janet Bell 


Benllech Or Llanfair Marthafrn Eithaf as the community is known as. This seaside village town is situated on the east coast of Anglesey and is wall to wall with beautiful sandy shore lines. Its a popular summer destination with many holiday parks in and around it. Popular with kite surfers, swimmers, sunbathers and paddlers alike. In summer months the beaches can be busy, but thats on an Anglesey scale not a Benidorm one! Rocky headlands flank the tidal zone which make for nice walks. Its an excellent for rock pooling and fishing too. As I local fishermen I can attest to that 😉 Benllech is situated in the lee of Llangoed and looks out onto Penmon and the Great Orme. To see a map and more info see here 

Benllech beach – Janet Bell 

Red Wharf Bay

Traeth Coch (red beach ) in Welsh or Red Wharf bay as its know these days is situated between the villages of Pentraeth and Benllech on the east coast of Anglesey. It is a site of outstanding natural beauty and is known for its beautiful golden shores and limestone outcrops which are a haven for many nesting seabirds. The lime stone outcrops where once mined and exported all over the UK. Red Wharf bay has a wonderful set up of holiday parks and some great little coffee shops and pubs on the seafront namely the Ship Inn . Sail boats on their moorings mark the shoreline on the intertidal sandbanks. Tides run in and out quite far here and and exposes a section of 10 sq miles of extensive sandflats. Walks and bike rides are plenty here as your out in more natural surrounding away from busy roads. There a lovely walks over to Llanddona to the east or you could walk around the cliffs on the beach at low water here, be mindful of incoming tides and always check them first! Don’t be tempted to cross over to Llandona over the sand flats there are areas of quicksand and the tide runs in here fast which could get you stranded. There is some good info for your stay here 

 Janet Bell – Red Wharf Bay

This time of year on Anglesey and north Wales the land is at its most colourful and vibrant. Summer is in full swing, there is apple and cherry blossom around and the flowers are in bloom. The sea is warming and mists and fogs of spring have lifted as the water on the land dries up with the sun. Its a wonderful time to be here to watch nature unfold especially after such a heavy winter, I don’t think I have ever burnt so many logs on our fire as we did this past winter! Pack up the car, find a campspot and drive over to see out wonderful land in full bloom and visit one of the colourful communities and the fabulous artist Janet Bell we have mentioned above! Enjoy

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