Coastal town of Barmouth

On the west coast of Snowdonia is a stunning a beach town known as Barmouth. It’s a beautiful town that sits at the end of an eight mile coastal inlet known as the Mawddwch estuary. The harbour is nestled between the ocean and the Snowdonia mountain range and every view point has a vista of the dramatic surrounding scenery. With a fantastic array of eateries, shops and plenty to do on the waterside, you will enjoy your stay here undoubtedly.
With a beautiful estuary and beaches, Barmouth is a perfect place to have a stay in the summer. Take your family on a holiday or escape for a seaside getaway. Either way, Barmouth is a perfect destination for a Welsh get away vacation.
The History Of Barmouth

Barmouth, or Abermaw in welsh, like many of its kind, started out as a fishing village. The earliest written history of the area indicates that fishermen operated in from the village bringing their daily catch ashore for market. Farming has always been a big part of north Wales culture and of the area’s history.

Now most of that fishing has slowed down. The majority of fishing boats on the water are for pleasure, as opposed to necessity. The reduced fishing has not taken away from the town’s seafaring entertainment. You can boat, swim, and more.
A strong community was also built on the shipbuilding industry here in Barmouth with the eight mile estuary being a good place to launch and store craft of all sizes.
Things To See In Barmouth

With such a perfect location, there are plenty of things to see. Let’s take a look at just a few of them.

Walk The Estuary

The estuary near Barmouth has multiple different trails that can be enjoyed. Because of it’s wild nature, there is many different things to see, such as the local wildlife. Viewing the mountains towering above you can also be a wonderful part of the hike.
You will note, as you stroll through the estuary that there is a large old marine viaduct or bridge that crosses the Mawddach estuary and serves as a crossing point for the Fairborne railway on the Cambrian line which runs to Bala and Dolgellau. A cycle path now crosses this once working railway crossing.

Cadair Idris

Right nextdoor to Barmouth is the Snowdonia National Park.  Explore the mountain known as Cadair Idris and you will get a vciew of the whole area. It makes a perfect place for hiking, camping, and swimming.

3 Peaks Yacht Race

Every year there is a traditional boating race that takes boaters past the highest mountains of Wales. Barmouth is the starting point for this race and you can come to the town to see the boaters off on the start of their race. If you start in Barmouth you can make a road trip out of following the race over land.
Things To Do In Barmouth

Taking a holiday is about more than just taking in the sights. You want to do things too. Barmouth isn’t short on things to do so let’s see what you can find in the area.

Visit The Dragon Theatre

What is more traditional then seeing a Welsh community put on a production? Visit the Dragon Theatre to see some of the best community theatre in all of the world. That put on by locals who care about their shows.
Travel The Fairbourne Railway

Everyone enjoys trains. The Fairbourne Miniature Railway is a great place to explore some of the coolest trains. You can ride these small rails and experience steam powered rails at the mouth to the estuary. The view you get from the train is amazing.
Escape The King Arthur Labyrinth

Hidden under the hills and mountains of Wales is the King Arthur Labyrinth. You are taken through a waterfall and into underground caves to explore magical worlds. People of all ages can enjoy this mystical adventure.

There is plenty to both see and do in the Barmouth area. The most important part is that you get out and explore the area. That is how you can truly embrace the local culture. Nearby are plenty of locations to explore and nearby towns with things to do. Make sure that you take a look at some of our other features on local towns to find more to do in the area.
Hit the shops in the local town 

The town at Barmouth is one of our coastal favourites. It seems most shop owners take great pride in their shopfronts, windows displays and products. We where there last summer and spend the afternoon time exploring the beach front and the shops.

We stumbled across one gem of a place that I feel head over in heels in love with its called Pieces for places and its a very cool furniture and home style shop that really inspired myself and my girlfriend. Its on our bucket list to deck our next house from this place!

There is also a very sweet independent coffee shop called Bradshaw’s which we stopped at for a quick refuel, nice place lovely staff.
There is also a very cool ice cream shop called Knickerbockers and very yummy fish and chip shop called The Mermaid we liked too..Very British I know!

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