Coastal town of Harlech

Set in north west Wales, a prominent castle sits head and shoulders above the coastal town of Harlech. A small town with greenery all around, nestled between the Snowdonia mountain range and the Celtic sea. The town is set among a dramatic backdrop on the shores of north Wales and boasts, sweeping long beaches and a fantastic golf course. The castle is the main attraction of the village, but there is a lovely array of little independent shops and restaurants dotted in and around the castles grounds, which make for a wonderful setting.

The History Of Harlech
The castle Harlech built atop the hill was crafted in the 13thcentury to keep an eye on all of Snowdonia. Edward I ordered the construction of the castle and it was part of a ring of fortresses designed to protect Wales. The castle even served as a setting for a parliament. The War of The Roses resulted in a siege of the castle. This difficult siege inspired the song Men of Harlech. Despite having been under siege, the castle is in wonderful condition. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sees a lot of tourists every year.

Things To See
Beyond the castle, there are plenty of things to see in Harlech. Let’s explore some of the must see locations in the city.

Visit The Beach
Seeing the coast of Snowdonia is an amazing sight. Each piece of coastline offers a different view that is simply a must see. Harlech Beach is no different. You will find miles of sand with family friendly beach to explore.

Rhinog Mountains
One of the most beloved parts of Wales is the local mountains. Visiting the Rhinog Mountains while you are in Harlech is simply a must. These mountains allow you to get the stunning view that Snowdonia is so known for. These mountains offer a great place to escape vacation crowds and feel as if you are truly back in the ancient days.

Pen Graig
If you want to see the castle in all of its glory, visit Pen Graig viewing point to see one of the best views of Harlech Castle. You can also see a majority of the local mountains from the area. To add onto that, it is a wonderful place to stargaze and watch the sun.

Things To Do
Harlech isn’t all about things to see, there are plenty of things to do too. Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can try out in the area.

The Children’s Farm Park
What do kids like more than animals? Nothing. Taking a stop at the Children’s Farm Park gives your kids the chance to learn about animals, play with other kids, and even interact with animals. The experience isn’t just for play, it is for learning too.

The Royal St. David’s Golf Club
Wales has plenty of wonderful open space and that has made it a perfect location to play golf. The Royal Saint David’s Golf Club gives you a perfect place to play golf in Harlech. With a view of the castle, you can play this professional level course.

Travel The Literary Trail
Harlech is full of literary destinations and the locals have created a literary trail to explore. Each destination on the trail takes you to somewhere new tied to the history of the area in relation to popular literature.
Harlech is a wonderful destination to visit and is extremely popular by both those from Wales and those abroad. It is best enjoyed during the summer months when you can hike, golf, and get out to explore. Not to mention, when you can go to the beach and swim. Make sure that you take a moment to enjoy the rest of our local profiles to pick the perfect destination location.

Hit the shops in the local town 
The town at Harlech is a strong coastal favourites. The main town has some nice eateries and good parking facilities in the main car park. We where there last summer and spend the afternoon time exploring the beach front and the shops.
There are a few really nice shops in Harlech to take note of, such a and some good gift shops, furniture shops, restaurants, ice cream shops and loads more..

There is also a very sweet independent cafe shop called Llew Glas .There is also a very cool ice cream shop called Hufenfar its right next to the castle and very yummy fish and chip shop called Harlech Fish and Chip shop we liked too..

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