45 Essential beach items to have this summer

Its a hot one in north Wales this year, more hot than I seem to remember. Summers are getting back to what they should be here. Beaches are packed, well for Anglesey standards anyhow. North Wales is having a bumper year in terms of tourism and all thing’s outdoors. Its so amazing to see the beaches of Anglesey, filled with happy people, swimming, playing in the outdoors and getting some well needed Vitamin D & Sea.

We have been swimming in shorts everyday in Rhosneigr, it has been bliss. Work by day, swim by night. Anglesey beaches have been over flowing with sand castles, sup’s and sailboats, and we think it may last all summer. We have also been BBQ’ing almost every night at home, experimenting with different vegetarian dishes on the beach and at home.
So in light of our amazingly hot north Wales summer, and fun packed beaches we thought we would do a blog on the top items trending and pretty cool to have on the beach this year. Some we have ourselves and some are on our I want one of those lists, “IWOOT !”

  1. Beach Towel

Hit the beach boldly in bright shades this summer which are not just quick drying but also highly absorbent. The best thing is that these won’t let any sand to stick to them.

  1. Olympus water proof camera

A camera is a must when you want to capture all the fun that you are having at a beach party with your friends and family. After all, life is all about living in the moment and cherishing the memories made all along.

  1. Matador waterproof bag 

One of the most daunting tasks on the beach is to keep all your belongings as dry as possible. Waterproof bag sacks just do the trick.

  1. Crystal explorer, transparent kayak

If it gets hot on the beach, then you can add comfort while lounging on there water in this very cool transparent kayak. yes I know the waters are not that turquoise here but they have been pretty clear!

  1. Bondi beach tent / Sun Shelter

A sun shelter is a must if you want to protect your skin from the scorching heat as well as from the harmful UVA and UVB radiations. These are compact and can be set up in no time.

  1. Bamboo Sunglasses

Those who don’t have the habit of wearing sunglasses can forget this essential item while hitting a beach. The polarized filter lens is usually scratch resistant, tough and has high optical clarity. These come with additional reflective coating for minimizing flare from the harshest sunlight.

  1. Beach tote

Monogrammed beach totes are in vogue this season. These bags help you carry all your travel essentials.
beach tote

  1. Board Shorts

Which beach lover would not want to own a water repellent short which also offers UPF UV protection? Hit the beach in style with the Patagonia Wave farer board men’s shorts.

  1. Full facemark snorkel 

Made from the highest grade silicon, the pure vision diving kit makes an ideal beach accessory. It comes with an exhaust valve as well as adjustable buckles to make the user feel comfortable during exploration.

  1. Reef Sandals

You do not have to struggle in your shoes when you are walking on sand when you have Fanning men’s sandalswhich have been handcrafted with anatomical arch support and a comfortable foot bed. Comes with bottle opener on the sole.

  1. Carver Skateboard

Who doesn’t want a magic skateboard that performs flawlessly and features an impeccable design? Carver Skateboards features exotic wood finish that has been made from sustainably grown and harvested trees.

  1. Sandusa Beach Towel Bean Bag

These make perfect beach accessories. The beach towel bean bag is not just durable but as well comfortable. These are ideal for outdoors. The waterproof and sand proof bags will ensure that the sand just slides off in an instant.

  1. Waterproof case for your smartphone

The MPow water sealed bag, pouch bag with portable lanyardhas been designed specifically for surfers, scuba divers and swimmers. Designed to withstand extreme condition, the double-sided transparent design ensures that you can click selfies on the beach without having to remove the case. You can tuck your cash, credit cards and other documents in the pouch safely while you are on the beach.

  1. Aerobie

Love beach games? The Aerobie 13C12 A13 Prois just what you need to make your beach trip exhilarating. This astonishing flying ring lets you play catch with a friend who is 100 yards away from you. The rubber edges make it easy to hold and the innovative design makes it better than a Frisbee.

  1. Portable Sun Shade

Sun shades are versatile and innovative solution for your outdoor ventures. There are several brands that provide high quality sunshade with the highest Ultraviolet Protection Factor.
sunscreen shade pic

  1. Travel Book

If you just planning to relax on the beach, then why not carry a Travel Book which lets you learn about the hottest destinations in the world. If you are passionate about travel, then you must add Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 to your Kindle collection today!

  1. Inflatable sofa

An air couch or an inflatable sofa is ideal for those who want to kick back and chill at the beach on a summer afternoon. The carefully designed sofa can be setup with minimal effort thanks to innovative technology being used.

  1. Beach tote Bag for the ladies

You obviously need a swimwear bag if you are hitting a beach, these trendy and styling tote bags are super popular in 2018, there are many styles to choose from (note- image in picture may vary)

  1. UE Boom Waterproof ultraportable Bluetooth speakers

When there are waterproof shorts and phone cases, then why not add waterproof ultraportable Bluetooth speakers to your collection? Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker is not just waterproof but also shockproof.

  1. Patagonia Hat

Why not opt for something stylish that features a smart design to protect you from the harsh summer sun? The Patagonia trucker hat features a comfy and soft breathable mesh back makes you feel comfortable while indulging in exhilarating beach games this summer.

  1. Shade Sunscreen

Want to hit the beach but not compromise with your skin health? The Shade All-Natural-Sunscreen should find a place in your beach vacay checklist. It is ideal for all skin types and is free from parabens and other chemicals that do more harm than good to your body.

  1. Soma water bottle

Hydration is extremely essential when you are out in the sun and active. A filtered water bottle will make sure that remember to hydrate.

  1. BBQ portable fold up grill

What is a day at the beach without a beautiful BBQ with some lovely local fresh caught fish?

  1. Picnic back pack

A great organised way to get your plates, cutlery and the fizz tot he beach in one compact quite cool holdall. Has everything bar the kitchen sink inside!
picnic box

  1. BBQ fish griddle and sausage griddle holders

Continuing on the theme of food, these great little BBQ accessories caught our eye and would be a great addition to the BBQ set up, or open fire cooking set up, either way you don’t risk dropping your flame grilled sausages into the fire!

  1. Ladies sun hat – A stylish sun is a must on the beach to keep the sun out of your eyes whilst enjoying you favourite read


  1. Sandless beach mat

If you want to lie down and relax on a beach, then you must carry a beach made from lightweight and quick-drying material featuring sand weights on the edges.
sandless matt

  1. Coleman wheeled cool box

If plan to walk a while to peered beach spot, your going to need something to keep your drinks chilled en route, these Coelman Chill boxes are ideal.
images copy

  1. Snorkel mask and fins set

This is a must if you love adventurous activities or are carrying your kids along, et them involved in some underwater exploration the summer with a snorkel set.

  1. Hand crafted wooden beach bat sets 

To be written by Hamanshu ..
There is not more leisurely way to explore the seas with a SUP aka stand up paddle board. Great fun things to explore rocky pools, coves and headlands with.
32. Kids VW transporter sun shelter.
Hugley popular this season and most shops have seen them flying out of the door, no wonder really with the super hot weather we are having. With the Iconic VW bus as the style its quite effortlessly cool..
33. Tepe for your overnighters.
Ok so maybe you cant take this to the beach, but you could take it to your campsite.. What a cool way to spend your weekend in some luxury..
34. Super soakers
This takes me back to my youth.. what fun we had with these ! A quintessential component of summer play for the younger ones (and older ones too if they so wish 😉 )
35. Go fly a kite
Its a right of passage owning a kite as a little one, with nice inshore breezes almost every afternoon here we have no excuse not to fly one. Plus they look so colourful in the air.
36. Body board.
With a little summer swell rolling in it nice to be able to go play around in the surf, board boards are perfect for that.
images copy 2
37. Drone 
They seem to be common place now, and can make some amazing birds eye photography for your family album. Love them or hate them they are probably here to stay..
Unknown copy
38. Safe go
Need to keep your phone kets adnd any other personnel belonging safe whilst out on the beach.. Then check this useful little safe out.
39. Bubbles ahoy
Another child hood favourite but on an adult scale!
40. Beer cooler
Adults only for this one.. We like the ingenuity behind the design of this, very cool. Literally.
41. Scorkl gas dive bottle
Very very Cool we have to say being a diver also- well semi trained diver I like the idea of being able to snorkel without all the faff of the extra kit!


42. Inflatable chair
Lovely colourful designs and they look pretty comfy too..

43. Carry all with wheels
This we love ! Could even use it around the garden in off peak months!


44. Telescopic fishing set
If you are by the seaside there are no excuses that you should not being doing. spot of fishing. Its a right of passage. As an avid fisherman and a coastal dweller I can attest to that. Get the little ones sorted with dad young so they can learn to feed themselves.

45. Solar charger for phones and laptops
Never run out of power again with all this solar tech!
On a little more serious note, while we all are having a bumper summer on the beaches of Anglesey and north Wales, there are others who are having to struggle with day to day needs. Crops are failing, livestock are struggling in the heat an there are fires breaking out left right and centre over our scorched Welsh landscape. We are advocates of BBQ’s and beach fires (if done with the respect and consideration for our environment and others ) however with fire services stretched to the limit an risk to wildlife and peoples homes, we would urge our readers to consider and bbs and fires very carefully and especially not to be doing them in on dues, forests or pretty much any rural land.
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