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Autumn and winter are the times for log fires, spicy foods and our favourite warm clothing. With daylight fading, and the lure of creature comforts drawing us in, we must not succumb to the slumber months. Keep the energy high, the exercise up and keep the feel good hormones flowing, to ward off those hibernating instincts. To keep the psyche up, in prolonged grey skied days in north Wales, can be a tricky one. Cold water plunges, high intensity cardio and intermittent fasting are but some of the strategies we can use to keep up the highs of the summer, plus beer an chocolate.

But there is one more trick that keeps me super motivated for adventure and passionate through winter.. Adventure films. Be it Surf films, climb films, mountaineering films whatever, they are my intravenous adventure method via retina, that keep me wanting more, even in the depths of the dark welsh winter. Go and watch this right now and tell me if it doesn’t inspire you a little..

Good hey? Well there is more..
Overt the past five years I have been attending adventure film festivals and tours country wide to meet, mingle and watch some of the most amazing athletes, adventurers and cinematographers in the world. Created  by small independent film makers and producers,  the world over, covering the most diverse set of adventure sports. It gives me such a buzz to go and check out peoples latest adventures see what the most crazy people have been doing all overt the world with their passions. Adventure sport is the most diverse and alluring activitie to watch and to partake in. The mix of adventure, endurance and survival for me seems to ignite all of the mammalian parts of the brain that make us feel alive.

Going to these adventure film festivals you also meet and interact with the athletes themselves one on one, talk to them over coffee or a pint and get to see what drives them in the face of adversity. Also you get to a very different more intimate feel of the video production, when made on smaller budgets and wild locations, the videos capture way more in emotion and excitement in a more connected way.
Not all film festivals will bring their stars along to show case, but some of the bigger ones do. In north Wales we have been hosting some really good adventure film festivals overthe past few years, the rest you will have to travel a little further for. But even though they are not in north wales, if you love adventure, exploitation, and adrenalin as I do (that’s why we live here right?), then you will love them! The people, energy, environment and culture it brings to you,  without having to buy a plane ticket to Mongolia is just immense.


So here are a few below to bring you some adventure in your life this winter. There are screenings and meets and festivals in the adventure sector below, some are base in north wales (I will list those separately ) and some are all around the UK.
We travel to see them all over the UK and they make a great excuse to get out and meet similar high vibe tribes  and also to get and do some camping.
The main (well known film festivals ) firmly at the top of  the UK list, that I try not to miss are:

Kendal Mountain Film festival, LLAMFF, Reelrock, Ocean Film Festival and BANFF.

If words and ethos arenot enogh to inspire you then had over to and watch a previous Ocean Film festival trailer instead ..

Or and go on vimeo and have a look at some of their past ten years trailers also like the one you watched above (I hope !).

North Wales (and a little beyond) based Film festival screenings  2018 – 2019

 Llanberis Mountain Film Festival 

LLAMFF is Llanberis mountain Film festival and it’s a great one to go and see especially if you are a local and you love the outdoors. They have postponed this years LLAMFF 2018. But expect to be back up and running for 2019.


Kendal Mountain Film festival Tour 

Kendal has now hit the road and is Caernarfon  – 22 Feb 19

This is, in my humble opinion a great Festival. We went along to the first tour screening of the KMFF Tour last year and it did not disappoint.


Banff film festival is one of the biggest of all.
Banff film festival is one of the biggest of all. Banff in Canada is one of the THE most epic adventure centres in the world. They now showcase their film festival with a  tour that goes global.

European Outdoor Film Tour

A new one to the list (or at least that I have seen)  The European Outdoor Film Tour (Liverpool screening ) – looks descent.

Ocean Film Festival 

My favourite currently this is a beauty of Oceanographic gems (I made that word up) it comes to NW every year now and its wall to wall stunning cinematography of pure ocean adventure. It gets me giddy this stuff.

Reel Rock Film Tour 

Reel rock world tour a good all round climbing and mountaineering showcase, have a look at their DVDs they are amazing – 16 Nov

Galeri Caernarfon

Galeri Caernarfon,  has a few good talks on also this year, although not festival type screenings these are more intimate and can be fun if it’s the outdoor sector you are interested in.
galleria cvaernarfon

Reel Rock World Tour – 16thNov

Reel rock world tour a good all round climbing anf mountaineering showcase, have a look at their DVDs they are amazing.

Steve peat – Mountain Biking  – 7th Nov 18

A great lecture for all those mountain biking enthusiasts on north Wales.

 Kendal has now hit the road and is Caernarfon  – 22nd Feb 19

This is, in my humble opinion a great Festival. We went along to the first tour screening of the KMFF Tour last year and it did not disappoint.

Hans Rey – Mountain Biking – 23rd March 19

This guy was a childhood hero of mine, n most covers of MTB UK magazine, riding down the Cape D’ail fearlessly. Still sponsored by GT after 20 + years too. Amazing guy.

Leo holding – Expedition – March 4th

Leo doesn’t need and into. If you don’t know who he is, the go watch his trilogy of world class Mountaineering and climbing videos they will have you in Awee.This Lad cut this teeth climbing in Llanberis and then went onto conquer the world.

Leos previous films :

The Asgard Project


 The Last Great Climb

PYB —Plas Y Brenin Mountain Centre, Capel Curig

Plas y Brenin is the well known mountain centre base for all things mountain, climbing, and watersports in north Wales. They are a hub and a community, they will be running a series of lectures and talks at the HQ over the winter months, see the links below.


Here is PYB’s Winter film and talk listing / Schedule below :  22nd September  24NDSeptember– 24thSeptember– 25thSeptember–  29thSeptember  29thSeptember– 1stOctober– 27-28thOctober– 01 November

Beacon Climbing Centre Caernarfon

The Beacon Indoor Climbing Wall in Caernarfon has been running since I was a child (probably well over 25 years), now based in Caernarfon access is easy to and from their location. They will also be running a series of lectures this winter, I’ve listed the related  ones below.
Beacon-Climbing-Holds-Logo  25thSeptember Brit rock film tour 27thOctober (Note – this should be great local one to support!)

UK wide adventure festival listings (well the awesome ones anyhow!)


Image by


2018 Events–   28-30 September- Peak District– 6th October –  London    19-21stOctober (Random but like it !)  22-25thNov– Kendal Mountain Film Festival 15-18 Nov

My Favourite of all is Kendal, we go up to most years and it is the longest standing adventure film in the world I might add. Its over three days and is amazing experience where you juts hop between outdoor adventure talks, videos and lectures, seeing and speaking with some o the worlds top guys and girls. hugely inspiring.

2019 Events 

 Buxton Adventure festival – Jan 19

London Adventure travel show  – Jan 19

Edinburugh Mountain Film festival – Feb 19

Fort William Mountain Film festival – Feb 19

Breamar Mountain festival-  March 19

Shefield mountain film festival – March 19  April 19


All these wonderful event where listed on – – its great blog, show them some love!

 For more information on local theatres see the three links below:

  Pontio theatre Bangor 

Galleria Caernarfon 

Venue Cymru 

If I missed some (which I’m bound to have!- drop me a message with the link, or if you want us to add one to this guide- send it to us over on Facebook or in a comment below)

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Bit about the blogger : My names Nicholas Fraser and I’m a local Marine Geologist and Oceanographer. I have moved back to the island of Anglesey for the past four years having grown up here and moved away. I am a passionate outdoor lover with a penchant for all things natural. When I’m not blogging in ofter found on the water, climbing or out in the wild in and around north Wales.

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