Calling all blog writers

Attention all writers out there! This isn’t a blog but a bit of call to action to all of our readers and community. It’s been a busy couple of years with content and work developing whatson, and with a few things being built in the pipeline (more on that again) we are gearing up for a busy 2019.

So we are looking for some creative writers to jump on board with writing for whatson this  year, with everything scaling up, it looks likes its going to be a bumper year, with blogs coming out thick and fast overt the spring, summer and autumn months.
We are looking for blogers to cover topics on all things north Wales  for the coming year and to cut their teeth in the blogging world, you don’t have to be a pro, we just need passionate people who want to share some interesting perspectives and writing on north Wales.  We have a blogs list for the whole of 2019 so if you require direction we can provide that or you can go solo and freestyle!

We will require three writers, for the season who can do weekly blogs for us, as I get called away to work sometimes as a geologist and we wish to keep the well oiled machine running! However you wont be alone, the wonderful world of the internet connects us all, all of the time and we are all only a keyboard stroke away.

Alas its not paid as currently we are not monetised as a business, however, we can help you in turn with your online business, or provide you with help and support with your online projects, social media or exposure to your brand in return. Plus you will get to show case and hone your skills on one of the leading north wales blogs, with a new website be built and released for this spring.

Ideally the positions will be for start out bloggers in the north Wales region who have aspirations to start in the online world and want some exposure, experience and who need a step up and a platform to push them upwards. We are very community focused and we want to build a tribe of helpers who are as equally north Wales mad as we are!
So if you interested in sharing your passion for north wales with our wonderful community, then drop us a message and tell us a bit about yourself! 

Looking forward to hearing from some of you, and hope your all heading into the hills for some snow this weekend in Snowdonia like I am 🙂

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