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North Wales is known for its beautiful scenery, beaches and deep cultural roots. The outdoors is firmly where the main focus lies in north Wales, in my eyes. When the weather is good, you can spend days exploring our beautiful country in the warm summer weather. However, we do like any other sea bordering nation, have our fair share of weather down days, be it wind, rain or both in most cases. For those days important for you to have a plan B for your adventures in north Wales, should the weather turn against you! Below, have listed some museums in north Wales for you to seek out if your in the vicinity. Enjoy.


1. The Greenfield Valley Museum, North Wales

Greenfield is classed as an industrial museum which displays a great deal of history about North wales. Apart from historical display, Greenfield is a children’s park where children can come and play also, to keep the crazy’s happy while you taking in the culture.


Location: Greenfield road, Greenfield, Holy well, CH8 7GH

Contact: +44 1352 714172


2. The Corris Railway Museum, North Wales

It is one of the most visited specialty railway museums in North wales. One of the unique features is the historic train locomotives and wagons which were in use during early rail times.

Location: STATION YARD, Machynlleth SY20 9SH, UK

Contact: +44 1654 761303



3. The Llangollen Museum, North Wales

When it comes to motor museums, Llangollen motor museum stands out, with all its relict autos and bikes of yesterday year. Lovely to see these wonderful engineering feats on display.

Location: Pentrefelin Mill, Pentrefelin, Llangollen LL20 8EE, UK

Contact: +44 1978 860324



4. The Ruthin Gaol Museum, North Wales

Previously a prison, Ruthin Gaol is a historic destination for those who want to learn about welsh prison design. The museum has won various awards.

Location: Clwyd St, Ruthin LL15 1HP, UK

Contact: +44 1824 708281



5. The National Abercowny House Museum

The Aberconwy is a fourteenth century merchants house is praised for having survived for many centuries in such great condition. The house has been refurnished by the national trust to bring it back into its former glory.

Location: Castle St, Conwy LL32 8AY, UK

Contact: +44 1492 592246



6. The Maritime Museum, Porthmadog

If you love ocean adventures and artifacts, this museums offer a great deal of history from he historic port that was and still is Porthmadog. The musuem details the development of the port, the seafaring nation and the ship building culture on our shores still.

There are several activities that also accompany the history of the place including children’s education area. View the harbor and other artifacts here.

Location: Harbor Station, Porthmadog LL49 9LU, UK

Contact: +44 1766 514581



7. The National Slate Museum, Llanberis.

If you want to visit a history museum come gallery likefor your next outing, national slate museum should be on your list. It combines the rich cultural past of Wales and its slate minning history along with the wonderful skilled craftsman ship that came from working the slate in various artistic forms.

Location: Llanberis, Caernarfon LL55 4TY, UK

Contact: +44 29 2057 3700



8. The Home Front Experience Museum, north Wales

The main attraction for this museum is a show case of civilian life during the war.

Location: New Street, Llandudno LL30 2YF, United Kingdom

Contact: + 44 1492 871032




9.  The Conwy Castle Museum, north Wales

Conwy castle is a masterful showpiece of architecture and part of a broad range of castles that at once, en circled Wales.  It has stood for centuries and those who love fort visits can enjoy the enomous size of its grounds. Nestled on the banks of the river Conwy The view of the sea is rather spectacular.

Location: Rose Hill St, Conwy LL32 8AY, UK




10. The Ruthin Craft Centre Museum, north Wales

Just like the name suggests, the centre is all about arts and crafts. Enjoy the artifacts made by locals as well as the elegant design of the whole centre.

Location: Ruthin Craft Centre, Lon Parcwr, Ruthin LL15 1BB, UK

Contact: +44 1824 704774

Website: https://ruthincraftcentre.

 11. Beaumaris Castle north Wales

The castle has survived since the 13thcentury and the history associated with the castle is something any visitor would love to take in. Visit the beaumaris castle and experience history of Welsh occupation by Edward 1st. The famous town of Llanfaes, or Beaumaris as its know these days is a beautiful spot to visit if nothing else!

Location: Castle St, Beaumaris LL58 8AP, UK

Contact: +44 1248 810361



12. The Maritime museum, Holyhead

A fantastic small maritime museum on the shores of holyhead or Holy Island, they have various artefacts, shipwreck artefacts and diving memerebeila from holy islands strong nautical past. There is a cafe house called the harbour front bistro just off to one side for a quick brew once your done!

Location: Newry beach,  holyhead, 1 Walthew Ave, Holyhead LL65 1AF

Contact: No telephone number for them!



13. The Alison Bradley gallery museum, North Wales

The famous Alison Brandley’s work is displayed in this gallery and for those with passion of art can visit the place for some quiet inspiration.

Location: Holy head Rd, Betws-y-coed LL24 0AB, UK

Contact: +44 1690 710080




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