The Megaliths and Burial Chambers of Anglesey

The history and culture of Anglesey is one of the richest in Europe. Our landscape is dotted with ancient monuments reminding us of our distant past. The druids, Celts and Pagans left their mark on these sacred lands in the shape of many megaliths, standing stones and burial chambers on Anglesey. The stories of the druids of Anglesey and Mabinogion bring to life the folklore, mystery and spirit of our forefathers, who roamed these peaceful and prosperous lands, supported by it’s abundance of life.

The Standing stones, burial chambers and megaliths of Anglesey are quite spectacular. There are over 140 sites of significant interest in Anglesey alone, which have some of the most unique and fascinating stone structures in the UK. There is no doubt that Anglesey was once a very significant place and these stone structures, give us clues of this. Put in place by the pagans, druids and Celts long ago, the ancient monuments have stood the test of time.

There are various theories which have become mainstream in the past five decades regarding the megaliths, and what their significance is in the grand scheme of things. None of which resonate or hold water with me at all.

The closest theory that I’m even slightly satisfied with, is that they are part of a grid marking system marking lay lines, that extends way past the s Anglesey, Wales and the UK too. Modern day studies are removing the mystery that has cloaked these structures, which the outdated science has clung to for many years. We are beginning again to understand their genius.

The megaliths, stone circles and burial chambers are made of quartzite, which is a non foliated metamorphic rock, which was originally pure quartz sandstone. Aged at over 400 million years old and found only in certain part so Wales (prolific at Holyhead mountain). Quartzite is also very cool to climb on as its very grippy, we often head to holyhead mountain to climb on its quartzite..

Me and a friend Niki climbing on Holyhead mountain in spring.
Holyhead mountain is made from Quartzite rock, we often go climbing there.

Quartz is a natural occurring igneous rock, which can be seen below in the matrix of the quartzite rock. It’s one of the best transmitters of electricity energy and acts like gold (a monoatomic metal), allowing minimal power loss across its structure when energy is transmitted through it. Quartz has the ability to some what transmit and amplify an electromagnetic field and eminent this field in turn. It is used in watches and other electrical devices due to its structure which is very similar to that of diamond. Natural

Quartz bands within the quartzite rock at Holyhead mountain.

If you look up the ideas of lay lines, which represent pathways of geomagnetic flow around the earth moving in various geometric patterns across its surface you will find that all over the world ancient cultures just like the druids, marked the precession of these lay lines for one reason or another, be it cultural or an early form of science. Lay lines, when looked into in further, span the entire world moving out of certain points of high energy across the globe and moving from one point to another. It is not clear if these path ways or “lays” are born of the toroid field which comes from the earth poles (due to the earths geo magnetism), or through some force of Coriolis induced by friction as the earth moves through its procession.

Geomagnetic path ways around our earth. Note the lay line moving from Cairo (Pyramids) to Anglesey. Also not the other connecting path ways which align on Anglesey and Dublin.

Either way, an invisible electrical highway is induced all across our earth moving effortlessly from point to point in a natural way, similar to the human body (look into the yogic teachings). Nikola Tesla (one of my all time favourite scientist and genius inventors) knew these principles of the earths electrical field well and adapted this theories to use the ambient electrical filed that surrounds us all daily.

Nikolai Tesla at work in his office !

London, and stone hendge where prominent points, which where seated along these huge laylines, and where adorned accordingly with various buildings and megaliths. You will also find that there where a significant number of these geo magnetic lines mapped across the Wales, most in north Wales especially with two MOST prominent lines meeting on or just off Anglesey. Anglesey has the highest recorded concentration of these structures anywhere in Europe and obviously was a very prominent area in the world.

Lay line markers across the UK, note the Crossing of the layline at South stack, called a dragon line.

Note in the image of the world (two images above), and the convergence of a number of the geomagnetic shapes on Anglesey and Dublin. Also not that there is huge lay line that runs from Cairo to Anglesey (South stack I am told) this meets the other lay lines in this vicinity. The Chinese called this meeting of lays a dragon line. Interesting considering our Welsh flag is one of a dragon..

The druids knew all of this information long long ago. They marked the lay lines and built their structures facing certain celestial orientations for the seasons of winter and summer solstice. The highest point of energy of the year and lowest respectively celestially. Both points in the calendar where celebrated for harvest and for the return of the light – which the romans high jacked as Saturnia, it’s was actually a pagan festival long before they arrived.

                                          Ancient druids of Anglesey. Image by National museum of Wales.

If you have been to some of the Megaliths, stone circles and burial chambers on Anglesey, you may have noticed that you notice a wonderful feeling of ease and tranquility there. I find I have amazing feelings of connection, and I have had some rather amazing experiences there, in terms of good feelings, ideas come to me, and just an overall connection to mother earth and nature as whole. I often go barefoot and mediate also there for peace of mind and clarity, I urge you to do the same.

Penrhos feilw standing stone, a very special place. Image by Joolz 11 (Flickr)

There is little doubt in my mind that the quantize stones emanated some form of geomagnetic energy, that is naturally running through the ground, most likely activated by photons from the sun and the stars. Either way, and what ever our ancestors where making them for, they for an interesting cultural day out.

What you will note, is that a lot of these megalith, stone circles and burial chambers, are areas that occur on land within the big estates on and off Anglesey such as Bodio, Bodorgan, Buckley, Caregclywyd, Presaddfed, Pentraeth and more. Now obviously these stone monuments on Anglesey, preceded the arrival of the big estates on here. Which means that the wealthy aristocrats, knew that they where areas of significant importance and therefore came to reside in these parts and purchase lands here. There No coincidences in life remember.

Another thing I have noticed on my travels, is that churches often took the same locations as these megalith sites on Anglesey, orientating themselves in very particular directions also I might add. Often church sites where pagan meeting points of significant interest and when Christianity and Catholicism came to these shores, they then took over these spots. I dare say there where megaliths originally in these locations too.

So that is my spin on things, it is in no way fact or fiction, just amassed from years of speaking to elders and wiser people, modern day druids and studying new forms of physics which explain way more to us that conventional Newtonian physics. Of course I don’t expect you to believe me at all, in fact quite the contrary, it will take a certain type of consciousness to understand our earths complex systems. However I will leave you with this, we inhale the elixir of air, into our lungs with in every breath, yet we do not see the air.. does that mean it does not exist ?

Anyhow enough of such esoteric talk and back to the nuts and bolts of this blog, I went off in a tangent, albeit and enjoyable one.

Below I have listed ten of the most well known sites for Megaliths, standing stones and burial chambers on Anglesey. They all are equally special, but my two firm favourites have to be number 1 and 2. Go check them out!

There are links in the descriptions to each name which will lead you to reputable websites, which give instructions of getting there and more useful info. I have included a grid reference for each one, which you can input in a website here to explore locations further.


Top 10 Megaliths, Standing stones and Burial chambers in Anglesey.


1.Penrhos Feliw standing stones. Holy Island , Porth daffrach. (NGRSH227809)

2. Barclodiad y Gawres, Cable bay, Rhosneigr. (NGR SH328708)

3. Trefignath, Kingsland, Holy Island. (NGR SH259805)

4. Bryn Celli Ddu. Bryncinecyn. (NGRSH508702)

5. Dyn Lligwy, Lligwy, Moelfre. (NGRSH501860)

6.Bodowyr Burial chamber, near Gwelchmai. (NGR SH462683)

7.Dyn Dryfol burial chamber  (NGR SH395725)

8. Presaddfed, Burial chamber  (NGR SH347808)

9. Ty Newydd burial chamber  (NGR SH344738)

10. Ty Mawr Standing stones, Kingsland, Holy Island   (NGRSH254810)


Books :

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Bespoke guided tours :

In the coming months I will be running some guided tours of the megaliths on Anglesey as well as Holy Island. For the past ten years I have been exploring these areas and have quite a good geographical knowledge of where they all are and how to get there. If you are visiting north Wales and are interested for me to show you around one on one, feel free get in touch here and say hello.


Well I hope you can get to visit some of the more ancient monuments and sites on Anglesey, there are many to tick off thats for sure. I’m currently building a Google map, with the more well known ones on that will be on the new website in due course. Anglesey is a very special place and was even more so many moons ago when the lands where covered in orchards, oak trees and an abundance of life. The megaliths are all that remain of that organic landscape, so we must do our best to keep it as natural and pristine as we can. Enjoy.

Front cover image : Myself

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