Top 10 walks on the Anglesey Coastal Path

Anglesey is a stunning island in the north west of Wales, famed for its amazing coastal path walks that covering over 130 miles of its rugged magical coastline. There are wonderful beaches, quaint fishing harbour’s and many historical sites dotted over its circumference. Nature is a given on the island, with the abundance of marine life and bird life here on Anglesey.

The coastal path of Anglesey is split up into many sections. Below we have covered a series of routes along the Anglesey coastal path, although they are not full sections, you can look to always extend them if you wish. With plenty of accommodation on Anglesey, both camping and airb&bs along the route, plus amazing cafes, restaurants and’ll be rather spoilt on your stay.

Anglesey, offers some of the best coastal paths in the UK to walk and enjoy nature, there is nothing quite like walking with the family, along the coast with a cool sea breeze blowing in your face. Enjoy!

Anglesey coastal path total circuit
Anglesey coastal path circuit broken down into sections : Image by: Friends of Anglesey coastal path.


  1. Parys Mountain to Amlwch Port


  • Length of the path: 5 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 1.5-2 hrs.
  • Unique observations: eye-catching views of rocks & minerals and scenic mountains


The spectacular route from the stunning Parys Mountain to the beautiful and diverse port of Amlwch offers one of the best coastal walks on Anglesey.

With some breath-taking views of multi-colored landscapes, it is one of the most preferred coastal walks by the visitors.

At the Amlwch port, you can grab a bite at some of the local restaurants like Treecastell hotel, the Stag Inn and a few more.

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  1. Britannia Bridge to Menai Bridge


  • Length of the path: 7.2 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 2.5-3 hrs.
  • Unique observations: Llanfairpwllgwyngyll- the village with the longest name in Europe, monuments, peaceful countryside lanes and historical buildings.


This Anglesey Coastal Path offers eye-catching views of some of the most unique bridges of Wales.

The entire walk is peaceful and visitors admire the natural beauty of the Menai strait, and the Belgian promonade. The 3-hour walk is a must for those who love nature.

Great route break down by mudandroutes


  1. Beaumaris to Penmon Point


  • Length of the path: 7 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 2 hrs.
  • Unique observations: Beaumaris Castle, Breath-taking views of the Menai strait, Carneddau Mountains, and Trwyn Du Lighthouse.


This walk on the coast of Anglesey is filled with historic castles, glorious monuments, and victorian buildings.

On reaching the Penmon Point, you can have a look at the historic lighthouse and relax in the nearby lush green gardens.

You can have a bite at nearby eateries such as The Pilot House café and Harry’s Bistro.

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  1. Cemaes Bay


  • Length of the path: 5 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 1.5-2 hrs.
  • Unique observations: Traeth Mawr, ancient chapels, beautiful country paths, unique stone buildings, eye-catching views of Porth Wen.

This walk is filled with some remarkable views of the remains of old factory buildings, cliff tops, the wonderful coast of Cemaes Bay and some beautiful stone buildings.

The remains of Llanlleina Porcelain Works, which ran out of business almost 100 years ago, can be seen standing along the coast of port Llanlleina.

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  1. Ynys Llanddwyn



  • Length of the path: 5.6 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 2 hrs
  • Unique observations: Remains of the church of Santes Dwynwen,  the wonderful pilot houses, stunning point that is Llandwyn island, charming beaches, rocky shores, coniferous forests.


Though 2 hrs is enough to complete the walk, it is worth spending at least half a day relaxing at the beaches and walking amidst some beautiful forests.\ and along the huge shoreline.

The circular 5 km route on the coast of Anglesey offers some breath-taking views of cozy cottages, tall lighthouses, and sandy beaches. The route on fire road and sand is a bit more tough, but perfect for season walkers.

Great route break down by mudandroutes


  1. Rhoscolyn Headland


  • Length of the path: 8.9 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 3-3.5 hrs
  • Unique observations: Caravan Park, ancient church made by Sir George Gilbert Scott, lush green farms, colourful rocks, ancient stone walls and a sandy beach at Silver Bay.

The one-of-a-kind route of Rhoscolyn is the most peaceful route of the Anglesey Coast and is preferred for Quiet walks.

The pleasant 8.9 km circular route is quite suitable for families too, although there are some cliff tops the grassy verge doesn’t get too treacherous.

There are many places along the way where the visitors can sit and relax and go on to take a peaceful nap in the quiet surroundings. The colourful rocks ranging from rust to pink enrich the beauty of the place. This is surely one of the Best Coastal paths on Anglesey.

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  1. Mynydd y Twr (Holyhead Mountain)


  • Length of the path: 5.7 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 2 hrs
  • Unique observations: some beautiful and unique hotels to stay overnight, fine dining restaurants, pleasing views from clifftops, exceptional views of Yyns lawd, and numerous mountains.


This path on the coast of Anglesey offers some awe-filled views of clifftops, tall mountains, lighthouses and towers and some rocky structures.

The holyhead mountain complex, is a wonderful walk for all abilities, mixed with high cliff tops, bird watching tours and one of the most famous sea cliff climbing spots in the world. You can also find the remains of an ancient Roman Signal Tower along the route. This route remains one of the more busy routes with visitors turning up in large numbers throughout the year.

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  1. Llangefni Dingle Natural Reserve


  • Length of the path: 2.7 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 1 hr
  • Unique observations: Wildlife, Pretty blossoms, rustic structures, peaceful picnic spots, and the beautiful Cefni River.

Sitting alongside the flowing river and enjoying a picnic is one of the favourite things our visitors love to do here.

The path is filled with nature and wildlife and can prove to be the more tranquil walks on Anglesey. Although not on the Anglesey coastal path, we couldn’t leave this one out!

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  1. Bull Bay to Porth Wen


  • Length of the path: 5.2 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 2-2.5 hr
  • Unique observations: The village of Bull Bay, Brick factory, rocky paths throughout the entire walk, and lush green farmlands.

Don’t forget to grab your binoculars when walking along this Anglesey Coastal Path to spot wildlife as well marine life.

Filled with beautiful farmlands and industrial relics, the path is full of old victorian brickworks and ancient structures. Visitors can sight a variety of birds during the course of their entire walk also.

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  1. Pentraeth Walk


  • Length of the path: 8.3 km
  • Duration of the walk: approximately 3 hrs
  • Unique observations: The view of the sensational Traeth Coch (Red Wharf Bay), unique houses at Pen-y-Lon, Stone Bridges, and views of Llanddona beach.


Filled with some picturesque sights of the Red Wharf Bay and stone Bridges, Pentraeth Walk offers peace of mind to the visitors.

The path changes rapidly from grassy to sandy, and then pebbly and gravelly. A variety of beautiful flowers can be spotted while walking along this Anglesey Coastal Path.

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The Ring O’ Fire Ultra Marathon 


Quick shout out to some of my quite cool and adventurous friends James Bingham, Oliver Bingham and Quentin Brooksbank. They run fabulous ultra marathon running event, called the ” The Ring O’ Fire ” – It’s one of the BEST events I have ever marshalled for (not quite mustered the balls to run it yet!). 138 miles over 3  days, in the most challenging terrain around the UK (See here for details).

They have competitors coming here, from all over the world for this event- it’s very tough race but it attracts some of the most amazing characters. There will be 175 runners starting the event this year, with a RAF  “fly over” to start the race! Many runners will be running for local charities also, such as the stroke association Wales.

The also run a mini version called the fire lighter which is a one day affair (36 miles) I think (see here for details) If you are a runner you have to check his company out. James is no stranger to adventure, summiting Everest, running the MDS and doing random unconquered 6000m peaks in south American with the guys. Amoungst other crazy things. Really good bunch of Island guys! Its run on August the 30th and begins from the Break water country park, at Holyhead (See here). You can also cheer the runners on at any part of the race or check points.


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