Anglesey Sunsets, my top 5 spots

Anglesey sunsets are some of the finest I’ve come across in my time. The joy of seeing a bright orange sun, set over a sea scape, sending its golden light shimmering through the sky, captivates me in a very special way. Anglesey seems to provide some of the most dramatic sunsets that we see in north Wales, the only place to rival it in my opinion, is the LLyn Peninsular.  For me the perfect day on Anglesey is spending most of my time in the water, doing some great work online and then spending the evening toes submerged in warm sand with friends, laughter and watching a magical sunset. That truly is the end to the perfect day for me here on Anglesey.


I sit and watch people watching sunsets and often wonder, do they know why they are so captivated by setting suns. Do I even know why I’m so captivated by setting a glorious setting sun.. In some ways yes and in some ways no. I understand the ancients used to look at the sun in the same way we do, to a degree, it was their everything that they worshiped and appreciated, as the sun was the giver of life on this planet. But that doesn’t quite explain why we feel so inclined to watch a sunset does it. I have the feeling  its that contrast in some ways, the point of duality between light and dark, day and night. life is full of these dualities, and we as spectators do enjoy the show.

That said people have worshiped the sun for thousands of years and for good reason, it is the giver and bringer of life in every sense. It grows our food, it warms our back, its brings life and oxygen to our planet and it brings lightness out of the darkness, both metaphorically and physically. It is everything, and the more I study it the more I realise its important of it to our own physical health.


I don’t know how this blog really came to be, but I was scrolling though some of my thousands of photos in the folders looking for blog topics that where a bit more authentic and raw. I want to write more about the things we love on the island, and the things that really make some of the crazy harsh winter weather here bearable in the darker months. I guess like most countries which get a lack of sunshine, (like in the more northern latitudes) this time of year, we crave the sun as a way of remembering the summer months and the warm bountiful harvests, that are to once again come. Just as day follows night, summer follows the winter months.


We really do celebrate the great weather days here in north Wales in the winter months, I don’t know where you are reading this from but, we really do have very grey, wet and prolonged winters here and they can take their toll on the vitamin d levels. Since I have been back here, the last five years, I have been experimenting with various ways to combat the lack sunshine and introduce other protocol and habits in my life that increases the feel good hormones and promote well being. Some of these include cold water immersion, high intensity exercise, fasting and earthing. They all help immensely.




In the winter there is nothing more pleasing than to head to the beach, to catch the last rays or up onto the hill to see the last of the light through the clouds marking an end of another beautiful day. As the sun hovers sending its golden shimers over the western horizon, its kind of makes the day complete in a lovely way here. I used to go back to the house I built, build a log fire then and watch the golden flames flicker for a second time in one night. It was like having two sunsets in one night.


The places I love to go to watch sunsets are as follows, they are truly magic if you get a calm evening on a crisp day to make the trip out and go with a blanket and sit with your warm clothes on and a warm drink and enjoy the last of the suns rays. Its a fitting way to mark the end of a day (both in summer and winter) and quite like a nice family ritual to do too.

So as you prepare and plan your trips to north Wales for 2020, have a think about where you want to explore to get some of the islands best sunsets with he family and have some really beautiful ends to perfect days.

There are many more examples of sunsets on Anglesey than I have listed below, but these through experience are my favourites.


Rhosneigr main beach

A beautiful Beach on the west side of Anglesey that has some of the most idyllic sunsets, I lived here for 4 years and enjoyed everyone of them, mind blowing beauty with migratory birds flying in to roost through the evening also.


Rhosneigr, broad beach

Broad beach in Rhosneigr, to the left of the main beach, it is as lovely but less crowded usually, depending on what part of the season you are visiting  from Jan, to April the sunsets are best placed here, from then on head to main beach at Rhosneigr to watch them as the sun tracks around further north west.



Mynydd twr or Holyhead Mountain 

A wonderful spot and a wonderful vantage spot thats away from the madding crowds of summer at South stack. I like to walk up onto the escarpment and sit on the quartz rock up there barefoot and do some earthing at the same time. I climbed here for 5 years, I love it here.



Rhoscolyn Beach

Ah the beautiful and wee cove that is Rhoscolyn beach. It is a beauty this one if you have not come across it on your path. you can alway stop at the white eagle after the sunset to have a beer on the way home too.


Ynys Lawd or South Stack, Holy Island 

A very famous spot for sunsets on Holy Island, if you are an instagrammer, you will have seen this spot for sure. You can stay up top in the car par and have a comfy view, or you can walk onto the headland and see it raw and real and sit on the grass. I’ve seen some spectacular sun sets form here.



Porth Trecastell / Cable bay

Porth Trecastell or Cable bay a beautiful place to watch the sun go down, either from the beach of from the headland, this little cove is a gem. I like to fish here a lot over the sunset and take the evening in my stride with a little fish to finish off my day.



Porth Cwyfan – Church in the sea – Aberfraw

Oh if you haven’t been to this beach its a must, it is one of the most beautiful locations in north Wales it truly is. The church is fifth century and is accessed to by a causeway. A magical white sand beach to watch the sun go down from.

Anglesey Sunsets My top 5 spots- blank


Sunset on the island of Anglesey are some of the most amazing sunsets in the UK, with a westerly facing seaboard, when the weather is good, we have the most stunning evening skies, that rival anywhere in the world. Where ever you go to watch one, Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide. If you have a favourite spot you like to sun gaze at then drop a mention in the comments below, we love to hear from you all.

Well if your in north Wales this week, we have a Bag of mixed weather coming your way, apparently there will be some more snow on the hills. I was up in Ogwen yesterday and there was a dusting of snow on the tops again. On the beaches its going to be chilly with chilly westerly winds of 25mph. Not much in the way of clear blues and sunsets this week! Anyhow enjoy,



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One thought on “Anglesey Sunsets, my top 5 spots

  1. Janet Rice says:

    Ni’n hoffi aros yn Aberffraw o 2003-2011(?) yn bwthyn Ty Glan y Môr.
    Wyth o ni! Dydd Hapus yn iawn.
    I hope you could understand my very poor Cymraeg. I started learning about 6 months ago, in earnest. Our children had the best holidays of their lives there , at the bwthyn on the beach. Sadly we outgrew the cottage. We all love Aberffraw.
    When I was growing up, my parents, my sister and I, had most of our holidays at a farm (Plas Thelwal) in Benllech.

    Don’t tell too many people about Ynys Môn, though (haha) … it’s a precious jewel in Wales.

    Pump uchaf I Tudur Owen hefyd (or is it eto… as well).

    Iechyd dda
    Dwi’n caru Môn mam Gymru. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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