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Just a quick update for you all, we are currently looking for a web developer and graphics designer to work on some upgrades to our projects on whatsonnorthwales. We are also looking for a local translator to help make our site bilingual and a blogger to help us keep a consistent and high quality blog stream being produced.

We would like to keep everything local for these next upgrades to the site so if your a web developer or graphics designer with some good experience in the space, if you have some projects that you can show us that you have worked for, would like to hear from you.

We have a number of parts of our website we will be working on over the next year to increase our presence in the space and bring better value and service to both our visitors and clients, which we will need more talented and creative individuals to work with to achieve those goals.

The style of work will be a combination of adding certain components and features to our site, improving the overall UI and a mix of other parts to make the site optimised for both performance, value and service to all our clients.

So we are looking for both a web developer who can work with WordPress and a Designer, if you can do both to a high standard then we would like to speak with you, message us here.

Drop us a line or two outlining your experience and telling us why you would like to get involved over the next few months. We will require you to detail a quote for us when we send you are proposed scope of work and will will then meet over a coffee and talk further if we feel we are a good fit for one another.

If you are a school leaver or university student, thats also cool, if you have the skills and are willing to put the time in with us, we can still look at that level of experience too. You will however need to demonstrate to us that you have done work in this space and show us your projects you have worked on.

The work will be based on our new website whatsonnorthwales.co.uk and will be in conjunction with the local council. The roes will be contractual basis not full time, and you can work from home or anywhere in the world. As stated above you all need to send us a professional quote for the work we are tendering so we can submit it to our grants team and we will then sift through entries to see if they suit.

So to summarise the roles we are looking to fulfil (ideally all north Wales based- home based and contact work):

  1. Web developer
  2. Web designer
  3. Blogger
  4. English Welsh writer / translator


Anyhow, if you feel you can  help contact us here, toking forward to hearing from you all.



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