Guest bloggers wanted !

We are super excited to ask some of our community to get involved with our blogging.. We want enthusiastic people to write about many topics they feel super passionate about here in north Wales. Does that sound like you?

Here are some of the ideas we want bloggers to get on board with this season :

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Property
  • The great outdoors
  • Nature
  • Children and Family
  • Sports and fitness
  • Food
  • Vacations
  • Skills and crafts
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Sustainability and Eco topics
  • Water sports and out ocean
  • Culture and heritage

It could be that you have a sport your feeling the love for, or it could be something for the environment, the home, the outdoors, food, drink, health or many many other subjects, we want to start opening up our platform to writers from all walks of life, so you get to promote yourself, share your passion about north Wales and also contribute to awareness, knowledge and love of the outdoors. Plus you get guidance from us and use our platform to show the world who you are and what your doing.

I think that opening up this scope will provide more of a platform for sharing, and create more of a community feel to the site. Moving forward in 2020 with whatson, we want to get you all more involved with us and bring together our experiences and love for the area on our site on the blog side of things.

Of course we have got much content already planned for the year, but we think adding in some blogs from different angles, brings in a real nice local authentic feel that I may not always be able to see through my eyes, plus many hands also makes light work!

If you are looking at getting into the blogging arena, then it could be a perfect opportunity for you to put yourself our there and get a leg up in the digital world! Don’t worry we will help edit and cut the final product before delivery with you, and we can also help you learn some of the ropes you will need starting out in the blogging world does that appeal to you?

We work together as a team, there a few freelancers who work with me weekly to keep whatson going up the ranks, so you will be part of a team who has passion and a will to provide lovely heart felt content and value to visitors wishing to come to north Wales.

If you think thats you, or if you want to meet for a coffee to chat about some ideas you have that may contribute to our platform and your growth asa blogger, feel free to email me here and we can book a coffee in together.

So were looking for ward to hearing form you if you fancy having a go with us this year.


Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide.

Tan Y Tro Nesaf  / Until the next time,


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