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With everything that is going on around us right now, I felt compelled to write a small piece on health and happiness. For those of you who know me, you know I’m a big advocate for health and wellbeing, it’s not pushed through the blog much right now, however, its a big part of my life. For a decade now, I have been learning various skills, methods and protocols that have helped me to greatly increase the health and happiness in my life, by many factors of magnitude.

In what I would describe as the “fast paced British life of  work, eat, sleep, repeat”, living seems to get lost somewhere along the way, with premise on money rather than happiness and health. Never before has this been more important, as people realise that the fragile experience of life is fleeting and to be embraced with love and open arms, in happy existential state.

Many people are waking up to this reality all across the globe, I see it daily, and for those of you who have made the cross over to a more balanced work life balance, I applaud you, it is a tricky stretch of water to navigate and one I am ever learning and evolving my own strategies to cross. Back in 2012 I became a freelance marine geologist and I quickly realised that I was able to work less and earn the same monies as I was earning before. This meant more time freedom. Time freedom was the facilitator for me to go on huge learning stints on various topics I loved and what excited me. It was the huge catalyst in doing more of the things I loved daily, climbing, travelling, learning and so much more.

It led me down learning paths, on consciousness, ancient history, alternative history, health, off grid living, Chinese medicine, business, internet business, digital currencies, world affairs, investing and happiness. I learnt so much in the last decade that it seems a massive blur in fact. I also learnt that the best investment you can make, is in yourself. By that I mean, learning about yourself, things that your passionate about, and things that are important to you and your life. Time is the biggest gift you will get, so freeing up more of to do the things you love will transform your life.

For me of late, I’ve been back into health in a big way, I had some issues with my body and I made a pact to start giving more love back to it as a whole. I have my previous girl friend to thank for this, as without her dogmatic approach to re educating my eating habits I would not have seen the light I don’t think, bless her. She is an amazing herbalist with gift that surpasses her years.

The most precious things you will ever be given is your health and your happiness- and both are linked. I have taken both for granted, for a lot of my life. When it slips for what ever reason, we are reminded how valuable is it. I hope you are all blessed with limitless health, but sometimes the body can complain and its up to use to see the signals on the dash board, so to speak.

Health is quite and easy one to keep, if your willing to learn about what keeps the body healthy and what makes it sick. Quite simply the body is an amazing tool of self healing and regeneration as long as we don’t bombard it with poor quality food. Very easy to say right? So whats poor quality food nick?

Well processed food, sugar, caffeine and alcohol are the biggest offenders. Of late, I am systematically removing them one by one from my diet. This in not a one step thing, but a multi step year long process. 2020 for me is the year of health and well being.

I dropped alcohol 3 months ago, sugar is currently being dealt with, along with processed foods, then last (my favourite is caffeine – that will also have to go- for now!)- my energy difference and wellbeing is off the charts.

Some simple things to remove from your diet to increase health are as follows  :



Processed foods,






You can substitute all of the things with some amazing alternatives bit by bit, Sugar I replace with certain fruit, berries and dates. Processed foods I replace with lots of steamed greens, fish, avocado, pulses, salads, soups, basically simple foods. Alcohol is not replace by anything really, maybe juice, maybe coffee, I juts keep it simple. Caffeine, I replace mostly with herbal teas. Dairy I’m reducing using coconut oil to cook with and having fetas, (sheep or goats milk cheeses not cows milk cheeses) Meat is replaces with vegetables and pulses. (Huw F Whitingstales book – Veg is amazing to read for ideas!)

Why do we need to reduce the majority of the above list you ask? This answer was provided to me by one of the best global western, experts in Chinese medicine, Truth Calkins. The list of items above, all create massive inflammation in your body, when you are in constant inflammation in the body, the immune system is over burdened depleting your vital resources. WHEN YOUR RESOURCES ARE LOW, YOU ARE OPEN TO ILLNESS AND INFECTION. your immune system has some cells called T-cells which are the fighter and killer parts of the immune system, when these are low, our bodies catch all kinds of things. We must boost them.

Ok so last week in invested quite heavily in my health in terms of supplements. I search thousands of hours of content, listened to some of the words best minds on health (Hint * NON Medical industry people * ) and I derived a system that works for me a great deal of the time. It took me while to figure this out and I tried many different things of course.

This is what I bought for my back stop for my body immune system. I got these all from amazon, if I had there time, I would also have gone to the local health food store to get some from there. Seems a big list, but I take more than this actually, its a more simplified list for you all.


Some simple things to remove from your heath is to include some of the following to your supplements list (do your own research on each and make sure each one is right for you) :


Vitamin C powder

Vitamin D drops 

Vitamin E

Apple cider vinegar

Milk thistle 

Trace Mineral drops (5 drops daily)

Activated Charcoal tablets

Olive leaf extract tablets

Super garlic tables 

A good multi vitamin tablet 

Lugols Iodine solution (1 drop a day 12mg)

Colloidal silver (Liquid )

Organic Tumeric powder 

6 mushroom complex tablets 



On top of this I make Chinese and Japanese teas, with water soluble powerful nutrients from dried mushrooms which have a very powerful effect on the immune system – this in fact is an ace of spades in your amour  :


Gynostemma leaf tea

Reishi mushroom (Dried)

Chaga mushroom (Dried)


Teas like Gynostemma are game changing tonic adaptogens, that actually reduce ageing in the body as whole.

My eating is now more simple and I try to get more and more organic into my diet, I know thats not a possibility for you all, eating fresh is a amazing start, way more get started. Eat way ay more vegetables, steamed and raw, in soups, in side dishes, as the meat replacement. Meat and diary cause issues in the body and take away your valuable energy to fight inventions, your body was not designed to eat meat daily, it was designed to graze. The more you eat the more energy you take from your body also, so look at reducing your food intake. I fast once a week to lower inflammation also.

I also go to juices and some green powders for cleanse days with detoxifying powers, I  :



Wheat grass

Barley Grass

Siberian Ginseng 

(Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass and Barley Grass) and I juice Apples, Ginger, Spinach, Cucumber, Clery and some of the above. This acts as a detox also from the body. I do this one day a week all day. It gave the intestines and liver a break from processing down all the food. I also add tumeric powder and lemon juice to the juice and mix all up after wards.

My breakfasts are quite wacky but the energy get from them is next level if I’m honest. This system was devised and tested over 5 years to suit my needs and keep my body tip top.

These consist of the following powders mixed with oats and oat milk. The Powders are very powerful tonic herbs and help give back the body SO many minerals and nutrients that you will be deleted of from a model day diet. This gets blended into a smoothie most days from spring onwards.

Some simple things to include some of the following to your supplements list (do your own research on each and make sure each one is right for you) :


Maca powder

Goji beries

Chia seeds

Astragalus powder

Ashwaganda powder

Lucama powder


Milled flax and lin seed

Cashew nuts 


Brazil nuts 

Blue berries


Fermented yogurt

Organic oats 

Oat Milk 


So you have seen above of what you have to give up a little of up, what I personally take in terms of supplements, what my breakfast ritual is, the teas I take from immunity boosts and the last part of the equation is more emotional health.

This is but a sample below on the topic of emotional health, and I will delve into this in another blog for you all. These are the corner stones of emotional health for me, that I practice daily in some way. Your emotional state is, what will govern the vibration of your being, therefore your overall health. We must remain in calm, grateful, giving state as much as we can, regardless of outside interference and noise. These are some of my daily parctices, not in order. Spend a little time each day doing some of each and see how you get on.








Cold water emersion

Earthing (feet on bare soli and ground)


Sunshine on your skin 

Time in nature 

Laughter with friends

Doing some of what you love

A Digital sundown – No digital devices after 8pm

Good, deep restorative sleep 


Take care of your bodies and your minds, they are a sacred unit, if you are unhappy, seek what makes a little more happy. It can be the small things each day like for me login for a swim or fishing, I don’t know what it may be for you, zip back to the age of 14 and remind yourself what you loved to do then? For me its was climbing, surfing fishing and mountain biking.. So I do more of that now. Help others each day and connect to people who make you happy, avoid energy vampires. Give a little each day and feel blessed for all that you have.

One last word on the media. I avoid the media with a passion for all the fear and low frequency energy they put into the masses to keep humanity in place of weakness and servitude. It’s up to you to DETOXIFY your life from lower vibrational information. I have been 99% media free for decade and I thrive because of it. So a positive step forward to to avoid all media for a week, maybe a month and cultivate some selective ignorance, which will calm and quite your mind.

Don’t buy into the fear and hype right now with current events, the fear mongering will subside, you are healthy humans with powerful bodies that will heal themselves. Start making changes to your health like above and your immunity and health will soar. If you feel that you are in fear mode, step away from news, papers and all forms of media and get out in nature. All is fine in the great world and will remain so aside from beer flu and crashing markets.

The only thing to fear, is fear its self.


Love, happiness and health to you all,




Image by : Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash


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