The Silver Lining

I like to live with the cup half full in life, maybe your the same. I guess I was born an optimist and seem to function most efficiently that way. That said I’m a freedom seeking being like the rest of you, and this has clipped my wings somewhat! So I’ve had to recalibrate my compass, so to speak, and look at what I can control, as to what I can’t, then make decisions on that basis. Being pragmatic in the face of adversity is a useful tool. So, I wanted to write to you all over the next days sharing some wisdom that’s been passed onto me, that I feel the multiverse wants me to share.

The silver lining. By now you are all bedding down into your daily routines and habits. Im sure its been quite a change for you all with young family and full time jobs. We as humans do not like change, and our days revolve around many habits and systems that we are not aware of most of the time. When things are pulled from under our feet, it creates uncertainty and a level of unease. Im the same, I get it too. It will take a few days, maybe a few weeks to bed into your new routines, but what I can tell you is that you will familiarise your self with new habits and routines in a short time.

In the last article I wrote about morning rituals and how to keep optimised amidst the storm. In this small article I want to bring to your attention the upsides to any situation in life and remind you of what some of you may have been training for, without even knowing it.

In the American military they have the Navy seals and in the UK they have the SBS. These men are some of the most profound creatures you will ever meet. I know a good  few. When called upon, they go into battle for you and country to protect you all from danger. They have a saying, that goes  “break the glass”. What It means is that in case of an emergency, you break the glass for them and they will come to your aid. I LOVE THIS. The breaking of the glass is symbolic of a fire alarm, and each an everyone of us has the capacity and ability to do the same. We all can help, serve and give to others in need.

Some of you have been going to meditation, yoga, learning self awareness doing energy learning or healing or many more aspects, developing your inner strength and fortitude. You have all been diligently in small ways preparing your minds and bodies for whats upon us, and now its time to break the glass and unleash that inner warrior to deal with the storm. You all have tremendous capacity to care, be kind and manage a healthy body and mind. This battle is mostly in the mind. Our negative fear mongering  media are hitting many of you from all angles. Your job is to cultivate selective ignorance from their drumbeats, and manage a healthy happy mind. Turn off the news, ditch the papers and relax. Its all going to be fine.

Ok now that said and done lets move to the silver lining.

I want you all to see the incredible blessing you have been given. In your busy worlds, you have been running on empty emotionally, physically and nutritionally for so long and now you have the capacity and resources to regroup and get back on an even keel. Britain more than any other country I have seen, work life balance is so out of whack, and the utter rubbish of this working 70 hours a week and stiff upper lip, is what has got us out of balance. Lets recalibrate.

Take a moment to think of when you gave your body and mind the time to do what it wanted of late? You now have the opportunity. Yes our dearly beloved government has imposed restrictions upon our movements, BUT you still have freewill and choice. Go for beautiful long walks in the sun, put your feet onto the bare ground and listen to the birds- what a gift in itself. Learn to appreciate the tiny tiny things that we over look amidst the haste. As you appreciate, so shall you you appreciation, appreciate.

I have made huge list of jobs I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I’m actually looking forward to them in So many ways! Ok we are on lockdown, but that will change. Below is the list of things that I’m considering to be my silver lining in all of this.


I get to read daily about amazing things!

I get to wake up at 5am with the sun and do my morning ritual

I get to fix my chainsaws and generators

I get to serve you all on here with content daily

I get to swing in my hammock in the sun!

I get to learn (I’m in an abundance book club by Carl Harvey, its amazing )

I can organise all my sports equipment

I get to do a load of DIY, decorating and more at my dar fathers place

We get to enjoy desolate beaches as no one is out!

Plan and pursue new internet projects that I’ve been putting off..

Do some job hunting, planning and preparing for when this all subsides

Get some seeds planted, grow my own herbs, pot plants and maybe some veg

I get to listen to new music and explore those tastes

Plan some exciting things to do after this all has subsided and make more of each day

I get to reflect, journal and focus on my inner growth, I’m huge on this.

Clear out clutter and remove excess from our lives, and decide whats important possession wise or not. Then gift the excess away to help others.

Think of how we can help and serve others more, I’m working on ideas to help all the local business right now, exciting things to come from that.

Spend quality time with loved ones and family and slow down to meet their needs.

Evaluate whats working in outlives and thats not, journal on it, and think how we can alter things for the better.

Grow both mentally and in spirit. Learn, grow and expand your understandings of all things of interest to you and beyond.

Eat slow, good wholesome food that you can make with love for the family, not in  haste.

Sit around the table and discuss things, talk, laugh and enjoy those moments.

Sunbathe in the garden and enjoy the sunlight on your skin.

Take online courses, learn and expand look at Udemy and Skillshare.

These are but a few of the things that I do and you can do and take theses very precious moments that we have been gifted and embrace them fully. We all have needed to slow down for a while and its natures way of asking us all to drop down a gear and take care of our bodies, minds and wellbeing. Reflect and things and think about what you would really like to do.

Some of the people I have met along my travels in life are a little less than happy  due to all the stuff that goes on for them, Jobs, mortgage, bills, family, commitemts dot dot dot. They seem unfulfilled in their vocation and really have no connection to who they where as children and have no idea on what they wanted to be.

You have a golden opportunity now to reevaluate your lives and deiced on new more fulfilling outcomes if you wish. You are not oak trees rooted to the ground, you can change and move. I am testament to that.

If you all want to know about how to create internet business, more freedom and income sources that are remote then I can do more content on that also to help you in the future. But for now, remember you have a golden opportunity of time to connect to all of what you want to become. Impossible is nothing. Now is THE most important time to learning new skills, starting new ventures and projects to begin in the future afresh and new.


Photo by me: Location – Cable Bay, Ty Croes, Anglesey.

Well I hope we can inspire you to take some more time for yourself during these moments we have ben gifted to reflect, relax and rejuvenate.

Be present for a few moments in your day, and look for the silver lining. Don’t buy into the fear, its all an act.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our blog we appreciate every single one of you. Feel free to leave us a comment, give the blog a like and share the content far and wide.

Tan Y Tro Nesaf  / Until the next time,




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