Anglesey Coastal Path Walks

The Anglesey Coastal path is one of the most amazing places to walk. Holy Island, just off the coast of Anglesey has some of the more dramatic sections of it, with steep rugged sea cliffs and wild turbulent racing tides to see. Bird life and nature here is abundant, with so much of the wild landscape accessible by all. The peninsular style headland, offers wall to wall bright reflecting sunlight off the sea, which gives a wonderfully bright feel when you walk here. It’s a rather lovely place to watch the lighthouse at sunset too,as it flashes off into the sunset with the setting sun behind it, rather magic I have to say.


Holy Island Walk

The Range

Plas Nico

South Stack Road

SH212 818


Getting here : LL651HY Will bring you to the car park.

Location : The Range, Holyhead, Anglesey.


This was is a beauty for study rugged sea cliffs, bird life and a great section of the Anglesey coastal path walks. Geologically there are some gems to spot on route which I will  guide you all through. This is one of the most stunning locations in Holy Island, on the outward leg and part of the return leg you will see south stack light house which is just amazing to see all of the time, below a steep rocky headland. The Anglesey coastal path is one of the best walking routes in the UK, Holy Island and South stack regions have some of the finest parts all rolled into one. I will do another on South stack for you in the next week.

Highlights : Anglesey coastal path route, South stack light house views, Sea cliffs and tidal races


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South Stack Lighthouse from Plas Nico


Below is a walking route that I like to do around the range, there are many variations you can do on this route, play around and look at the paths that break off here and there from the main route where have listed. Start and end point is the RSPB Reserve with the green tree, visible as you zoom in.



                                 The circular walk we do at Plas Nico on Holy Island.


                           Holy Island just off the island of Anglesey



                                               Holy Island just off the island of Anglesey, North Wales.


Zoom in on the map below and see the walk we do, you can cut it short by half if you wish. I will do another walk along here for you in the near future.




Start at the car park and walk play Nico on the range and head out to the right of your facing the sea. There are two paths leading down towards the sea cliffs, for the purpose of this we want to take the one on the right.

1 – The long flat heather lands of Plas Nico will lead you to the sea cliffs and the foreshore.

2- A straight path in the heather brush and scrub wind its way down to the sea cliffs look out for all the birds a wild flower growing there this time of year.

3- You can see the geology here is fascinating with the reefs that lead out into the see. I will have to check but I believe some of these are Dolorite Dykes that are tough igneous formations of rock that last way longer than most other more weaker types of rock. There are many examples of the Dolomite dykes all along this coast. its the oldest of all geological formations here.

4- The tidal races at the fangs as they are known are very well known by sailors on the island. Kayakers from all over the world come to play in them! Tide speeds can get over 3.5-5 knots at peak flows on spring tides. Look out for high water and you will see the frothing white water that overfall over them..

5- Sea cliffs along the path looking over towards Trearddur Bay. You can see many signs of our more recent glacial past here on the sea cliffs. The flat land has been scraped clean by power glaciers that pushed out into the Irish Sea 10,000 years ago.

6- Sea caves galore along the route, id go as far as saying this is the most spectacular part of the Anglesey Coastal Path for sea cliffs other than South Stack. I could stand and look at these formational day long. There are many climbs logged on these slabs in the foreground , they are only in the old guide books though I think.

7- Looking out towards the West you will see strong tidal races rising up at high water. These areas are prime for lure fishing for Pollack and wrasse among other species. Getting down to them can be a little tricky but they are excellent locations to hit as soon as spring has sprung.

8-Mynydd Twr or Holyhead head mountain in the back ground visible as you get round the path on the walk. Its one of my favourite places to climb in the world, such a sun trap and quite most evenings.

9- Sea cliffs with steep drop offs, spectacular sea scape from here.. Hint, some good drift wood areas in these parts 😉

10- South stack lighthouse lighting the way, visible from the range. My family worked this light house for generations and I often image of them still on there in spirit watching the sea at night, its very comforting. Always wave to lighthouse keeper I was told and my God father and cousin, Patrick Goodwyn Murphy was the last one here in the 1980s.

11- A full moon just yesterday at the range rising from the east (April 07/20) Simply beautiful.

End at the car park back where you started, but you will arrive there by walking the road down to it that you originally drove down



End: Car park at Plas Nico, grid ref: SH212818


RSPB – The RSPB manage Plas Nico and the heather land here.

South Stack– Across the bay, the RSPB have a wild life reserve observation point over the sea cliffs.

Bird guides: Click the link to see the most up to date spotting on bird species at the range.

Getting here : LL651HY Should bring you to the car park.

Local accommodation : There are a few options on our website have a look here 

Local eating for lunch : Check out The Sea Shanty and The Paddlers return

Local activities in the area : B-Active and Anglesey Adventures and Anglesey Outdoors 


Cover Photo by : Dan Jordan

Photos in the thread by : Dave Owen (Cheers Dave!)

Well I hope we can inspire you to take a nice walk around the coastal path on our island, we have some of the best walks along the coastal paths in the UK.

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