Anglesey coastal path runs No.1

The Anglesey coastal path is beautiful circular walk that flank some of the most scenic coastline in the UK. If you have not heard about it before, it circumnavigates the entire 138 mile coastline of Anglesey, conturing over cliffs, beaches and coast. It is mostly frequented by walkers and nature lovers, but its is amazing also for runners. I find it a beautiful place to run, to see Anglesey through a wild lens and its not too heavy on the knees. Each section I run, I’m going to document for you all visually, so I can build up a picture for you of its gems, as I go.

I love running right now it seems to be the perfect balance for me to push my endurance a little, plus get off the road and run wild in nature. You just can’t get that on tarmac. It’s been eight weeks now since I started running on the paths and I’m hovering at the 12 mile range. Sure its taking it sweet time to get around those paths, but the journey is well worth it.

I’ve bought some bits of new kit, most second hand but they have been rather useful on the runs that are a little bit longer than usual. I’ve also bought a new pair of new trainers swell and they have been game changing in my latest runs. I’ll do a kit breakdown in another blog for you all. The trainers if your interested are (INOV8 x Talon 212) they are simply amazing.

Autumn is a great time of year to bolster fitness and keep the weight down in those slower months this time of year, plus you can keep your engine good shape, ready for those winter hill days in Snowdonia soon.

The Anglesey coastal path is a beautiful path, that is well worth a look if you don’t know much about it, look it up here. It runs 138 miles in circumference.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to run around many parts of the Anglesey coastal path, firstly around Holy island and then I’ll move onto Anglesey and see if I can circumnavigate both islands by spring. I will nip away at the full distance bit by bit, until I get a fair amount of it covered.

So this probably my tenth medium sized run in November. It begins at Holyhead mountain and ends on Holyhead mountain. It’s a circular loop of the mountain with around 1000ft in total gain height wise.

The run was 6.54 miles long and it took 2 hours 10 minutes, which was a slow, walking / running pace, taking some time to take some videos.

There is a race on the Island of Anglesey in the summer months is called The ring of fire“. It is a three day event that runs around the entire coastal path of Anglesey. It covers 138 miles of the Anglesey coastline over three days, it is tough as nails, but if you can succeed it is one heck of an achievement. They run a one day event called the firefighter (the same time), which is the first stage of 36 miles over 10 hours I believe. Worth a look of your a more serious runner.

The route zoomed out to show Anglesey.
The route around Holy Island
This is the data from the Garmin watch
And finally the satellite view of the island.

A beautiful run that takes into context most of the top parts of the Holyhead mountain escarpments, South stack, north stack, the break water country park, and rocky coast.

There is a bit of elevation involved but because I’m training for an event, but I walk the uphills, that way, there is no rush, and you have plenty left in the tank for the long straights.

I mostly make sure I crest the top of Holyhead mountain especially on blue sky days like this, because of the amazing views that are apparent 360 degrees when you get up there.

It begins and ends at the same point at the breakwater country park at Holyhead mountain, near rocky coast (near the breakwater, further on from newry beach).

Anyhow ill let the pictures do the talking, not me. If your out running and see me say hi!

Pictures are not in chronological order.

Views over to South stack light house
The breakwater ay Holyhead harbour
Views from the top of the mountain
Views looking back the area of the mountain we climb on.
South stack in the background
North stack behind the mountain
Looking back at the breakwater country park
Top of the Holyhead mountain
The wonderful south stack
The route behind the mountain on the way home
Views from the top of the mountain over towards Anglesey
Heading up and over between north stack and south stack
Sunny mountain top in the distance after the Roman outposts on the first fold of the mountain.
Back of the breakwater country pack on the way to north stack.
views along rocky coast..

Some of the new kit I’ve bought for the runs is rather cool, although its all second hand its in perfect conditon and I seem to get a great vibe from up cycling used equipment these days to be a little greener in my choices. These are some of the new additions to the running swag I have purchased, the only place I can find links is amazon, which is linked to our affiliate page- just for transparency- but at least you can get to see what I’m talking about kit wise.

Inov8 X talon 212 trainers

Garmin 735 XC

Inov8 runners pack

Nike compression socks

Inov8 waist pack

North face gloves


Asics water proof jacket

Cover photo by Me.

Tan Y Tro Nesaf  / Until the next time,


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