Summer catch up & website update 2021

Good afternoon all, its been a while… I thought I would put pen to paper, to say hello and wish you all a happy summer holidays! I hope your all enjoying the extended period of hot weather, mother nature has kindly decided to give us all this year. I trust you are all enjoying the north Wales seaside and its delights.

The temperatures have been so warm on the island and I have been making the most of the ocean. Honestly I have never been more grateful for it’s wonderful cooling temperatures. Anglesey and Holy Island, are beginning to feel how they did back in the 1980s when I was a child. Seems like there has been a change back to the old summers and winters, which is a return to the normal ways as I remember it.

I have had lot’s of questions asking what I have been up to, and well thats a great point…I haven’t been as active, of late, on whatson, so let me explain why.

I haven’t abandoned the blog as some have asked, I have not forgotten about it, and no I have not sold it to the highest bidder..

I have had some down time, after working the past few years, I wanted a break from blogging also, I lost my mojo and a little dircetion. Some times you have to take a step back to appreciate what you have created, get back in tune with your direction, yourself and the whole grand plan. In a world of distraction, persistent focus is a super power and three years of it took some doing. I have had some big life changes aswell, and needed time to recalibrate, pick my compass heading and set sail for newer broader horizons.

In the fist instance, my break from the site was due to the state of affairs of the tourism industry here in north Wales. We didn’t know whether we were coming or going. The businesses here have been pulled left and right, I really felt for them as they tried to get to grips with the epidemic. Anyhow with all the uncertainty, I though it was best to take some time away and work on other projects instead. In the second instance, I needed to get my teeth into another project that was on my mind, digital currencies.

I do a lot of work with Digital currencies (Cryptos as you might know of them), part trading, part research part coaching, which have been a big part of my interests for the past few years. Digital currencies such as (Bitcoin and the like). I have been studying them in detail, and have got to grips, in some part, with this new blockchain technology. The implications it will have for us all is rather amazing, a world of decentralisation and tokenisation is where we are headed.

I will be picking up the baton and coming back online to take whatson to the next level this autumn, with maybe a rebrand and new direction for the website, that is more in line with a new ethos… I will give you all a little teaser in due course, can’t give away to much yet as its not set in stone. Just know that I will quietly be working in the background make some fun changes.

That does not mean I won’t be blogging about the delights of north Wales anymore, I just need to write about more things that are of greater value and importance I feel. I would like to focus on import topics such as nature, sustainability, the ocean, green living, heritage, health, wellbeing and our ancient mighty past as country….The name of the website may change, the brand and logos will stay the same. Our mission has had to change in a world that is constantly evolving. I have much to tell you all, teach you and show you and I need the right platform to drive my creativity forward again.

As with anything, we have to be in love with our passions to create the impact we want to see in the world, and things always evolve with time and clarity. I have so many topics that I want to write about and bring to you all, many adventures I have been getting up to.

But for now, I will say sayonara until the next blog and wish you all a wonderful summer holiday. Be kind to one another and help others less fortunate than yourselfs.


Warm wishes,




Ps- here are some pictures of this mornings 5am  run… stunning views all around ! The golden hour never disappoints.

Big tip : Get up early, train hard, work hard and focus on your many blessings.


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