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I am available on almost every social media outlet. Although I check my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram most often. Sometimes messages get missed due to the high amount I receive. You can email as well here. If you’re coming to north Wales, definitely get my Top 100 things to do list (It is free and I have made it to help you search out cool things to do on your stay).

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Travel Planning Services


If you have a couple questions about your trip, I’m happy to assist via e-mail. If you have a quite a handful and want me to review your itinerary, I hope you may consider donating (see below) to my travel fund in exchange for my time.

Or maybe buy me a coffee (as I spend so much time in internet cafes blogging!). I love to hear back from friends and followers about their travels to north wales and don’t mind giving advice.

If you want extensive help planning a trip to north Wales, I do offer planning services via Skype calls. Get hold of me here to book a time slot. I charge £45 GBP for a forty minute call. Unfortunately, with the quantities of e-mails I get, I can’t do trip planning for free anymore. I also don’t make bookings for hotels or flights although I can help you find good deals and plan to see all the amazing places here.

Because I’ve been living in North Wales for 30 years, I am very knowledgeable about the area, where to go, secret sites to visit, nice paces to stay and I can introduce to new places to explore.

Guest Posting & Affiliates


If you are a fellow blogger and you would like to write a post on whatsonorthwales, e-mail me your ideas here. Don’t be shy! I love having fellow bloggers share with my readers about destinations I haven’t yet been. I am not only interested in travel stories, but food, fitness, and adventure in relation to travel as well. Only links will be allowed to your own personal travel blog and social media channels, not companies or anything commercial. While I want to let everyone submit a guest post, it really needs to be a quality article that will help whatsonnorthwales readers with their travels.