There are over 200+ beaches, coves and secluded bays all across Wales. North Wales has many beauties that you’ll want to explore and find you r own little perfect slice or north Wales coastal heaven. You will find that they are not packed full of visitors chock-bloc wall to wall fighting for your beach towel space, instead you will find peaceful, quiet, tranquil and relaxing spaces that give you the freedom to think and connect with the greater part of self. 

With that said with the number of creatives booming on Insta, why not jump on board an unleash that creative within.. Snap your favourite spots and tag us in them with #whatsonnorthwales and @whatsonnorthwales well be sure to check out what you all have been up to on your stays. We are building the biggest and most connected community for north Wales on Instagram, helming us share the love!

With the world slightly crazy on social media, you could join in the buzz and take your own snaps, tag us and check out the rest of the communities little hot spots, secret finds and real gems. Our Instagram has over 25,000 active followers and they love sharing their spots with the wider world. If you fancy finding some of the other wonderful Instagram sports in north Wales go find us at @whatsonnorthwales and tag us with #whatsonnorthwales with your Insta image.

So whilst building this website we asked our Instagram community members creators and artists if they would like to be featured and help bring the new website to life. The answer was a resounding yes by so many and they kindly donated their creative art to help me bring this project together. I could not have done it without them, in all honestly it was built by the community for the community, I’m just the glue that binds it all together. So I want to give a MASSIVE shout out to all of the guys and girls who gave their creatives to help us grown into this new platform. Big love to you all.