Welcome! and thank you for stopping and giving us some of your time. In this fast paced world, time is an ever precious asset and we value it greatly, we also value your time and your love of North Wales.

I built this site for people who really have a soft spot for North Wales and who love returning time and time again. If you have visited us, you will already know what a wonderful place it is, with unspoilt empty golden beaches around most corners, stunning mountain scenery and green luscious pasture.

This site began with a small blog a while back in 2017 and I started mainly talking about the things I was personally doing, but seem to have outgrown the original platform, so we are scaling up our platform. Hopefully it will serve our community much better.

With interactive google maps for most of the things you are searching for, hopefully  you can discover the right accommodation, places to eat and the best things to do, and also find out “whatson” at lighting speed on a mobile device.



So who are we you may ask?, Well I’m a local marine geologist come blogger, named Nick Fraser. I moved back to the area 7 years ago but previously  lived here for over 30 years of my life. I know the area intimately and I’m an passionate Welshman. My family have been here for many generations, from Lighthouse keepers, to fishermen, captains and pilots Our linage has been tied to this area for quite a while so we have a few stories to tell.

I am a big outdoor sports enthusiast and spend a lot of my time participating in sporting activities all over North Wales, from climbing to water sports. “Whatson” is a creative outlet for me to show you from a blog and video perspective, what this part of Wales has to offer. It truly is the unsung corner of the world with breath- taking nature, scenery and culture.

I hope, if you have not already visited us, that you will do so in time and see for your own eyes the beauty and diversity that North Wales has to offer.



We have partnered with both Sykes holiday cottages and Menai holiday cottages through booking.com to bring you the best of what they have to offer for holiday cottages in north Wales.

Our  where to stay  page is set up so you can choose from all different types of accommodation to stay in north Wales. From Holiday cottages, hotels, B&Bs, campsites, caravan parks and glamping – we have it covered! 

If you’re after the outdoor living, with over 300+ campsites, caravan  and motor home spots spread over every corner of North Wales, you’ll find somewhere to stay that resonates with you.

For your food and drink requirements we have made the website more efficient by making maps for you using google, so you can find a place to grab a quick coffee on the move with one click.

There are over 400+ cafes to get your favourite coffee and a light bite from in the new food and drink section, as well as over 300+ places to eat all over North Wales. So whether you are walking in the mountains or on the beach building sandcastles – we have cafes and coffee houses dotted all over North Wales for you.

If you’re looking for things to do just check out our interactive google map. It’s packed with juicy fun things to do any time of year. Whether it’s activities  for the kids or you are after adult experiences days, we have a good few ideas for you. For those who are missing their retail therapy, we have a shopping section

For events and “whatson” we have new updated a Calendar app called “event on” which  we feel is an improvement on our old one, it displays all the events from our Facebook event listings in an easy to read format with maps, locations, contacts and images.

If you are after experiences, look no further than our experience section where we have partnered with Red letter days, Virgin experiences and Experience days to bring you the best adrenaline rush, fine dining, hotel stay and spa deals in North Wales. They have the most amazing listings for all the great activities providers on the island including Zip World, Rib Ride and Anglesey Racing circuit.




Finally if you want a guide from a local’s perspective who has known the area and would like to share it with a passion, then go check out our well known blog section. We cover a diverse set of topics there, from food, adventure, culture, accommodation, seaside living to experiences and my wanderings far and wide, which I  have documented for you. We are beginning to get quite well known for our blog, where we share local information that’s akin to a companion guide showing you around the area. I have a range of experience in North Wales from the mountains, to the coast and there isn’t a part that I haven’t explored,However I’m always searching. So why not let me be your travel guide here through our blogs. We publish two blogs every week and they are great on the go resources for your stay or just some fireside reading for your future travel plans to our area.



We are very active on the social media front, so if you are looking for day to day content to get the feel of what’s going on in these parts, and a little feel into what we get up to, then come and say hi. With over 35,000 community members now, you’re bound to find like minded people who are also exploring these parts here in North Wales. Find us on Instagram, facebook and twitter. If you feel you would like to get monthly inspiration delivered to you email then you can also join us here.

This site was built with Calon (heart) for you all to enjoy, and we are continually updating. As this is fresh off the press there are likely to be a few rough edges that we need to polish, but we are realists not perfectionists. We hope you like!