Our amazing seafood cuisine is known far and wide, all grown and line caught from the shores of our islands. The rich nutrient filled waters of Anglesey and north Wales provide the most diverse haven for  fresh fish, crab and lobster in the UK. Accompanied by some of the most wonderful organic ingredients grown on the fertile lands of Anglesey, its no wonder why the food here some of the award winning restaurants is world class.

With many of the restaurants in north Wales now growing their own or opting for a buy local policy there has never been a better time to eat here in north Wales. See our fine dinning listing for some of the Top restaurants picks. With the likes of our Michelin stared restaurants such as Sospan in Menai bridge and Signatures in Conwy. Or you could explore the AA good food guides top pick in north Wales like, Bodysgallen hall, Brasseries 1786, Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias and the Marram Grass.

Wth a status accredited to us known as the European capital of Adventure, you’d like to hope we live put to that title right? Well we do. We don’t like to boast but adventure and outdoor activities that are now springing up all over the land. With huge adventure providers like Zip world, Adventure park Snowdonia and Rib Ride to name just a few leading the way with some very cool activities that have brought to the masses.

If you like something a little more independent and free, then there is not a corner you will turn without find a place to mountins bike, surf kitesurf, run, ride, swim, dive, climb, hike and so much more! See our Adventure section for the full spread of ideas your stay.

North Wales is blessed with both the mountains and the coast which makes it a unique place to visit. You are only ever a one hour drive from the sea in anywhere in north Wales and the same for the mountains. Snowdonia national park is in the centre of north Wales and acts as a fantastic hub for all things outdoors.

The scenery in Snowdonia is breath taking, wether you are a hiker, climber, cyclist or just driving through, we have some of the most gorgeous land scapes in the UK by far. From the Llanberis pass to the Ogwen valley the views of the steep mountain sides as you look at them will leave you in awe. Carved 20,000 years ago by retreating ice sheets, they have a scale of magnitude to them which is rather amazing. Scenec tranquil rivers like the Ogwen river flow these values where you can wild swim and have picnics.

The coast is equally beautiful and a day exploring some of our quiet unspoilt beaches will revitalise you re connect you with nature. Away from the humdrum of modern day business, you can plant you feet in the golden sand of any of blue flag beaches and go for a paddle or swim. Some of the stunning beaches like new borough, Tre-Arddur bay and Benllech will make for the perfect fun beach day with the family in north Wales. On calm sunny days, our beaches are as good as anywhere in Europe and beyond. I know because I’ve explored and even lived in some of them! So be prepared for an amazing scenic packed get away here. You’ll be glad you came.

North Wales culture has sat underneath the radar of most tourist destinations for many a year, but more and more significant archaeological finds, understandings and development in the digital age, have brought together information about north Wales that formerly laid to rest. With the tourism industry in north Wales going through cultural revolution at present, we are seeing a resurgence of so many welsh cultural sites.

The culture scene in north Wales is vibrant and alive, from the amazing castles surround north Wales such as Caernarfon, Beaumaris and Conwy, are now one of huge attractions that bring hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to our shores. There are over 147  amazing stone circles, megalith structures and ancient burial chambers are dotted across Anglesey, the most concentrated amount anywhere in Europe I might add. Or culturally you may choose to visit some of the last Woking and remaining wind mills on Anglesey.

There are also plenty of other cultural wonders in the forms of many museums, tours and days out all across the areas in north Wales, you won’t run out of things to do I can assure you of that!Maybe you interested in the castles of north wales and our battle scared past. Our many kings and true Welsh princes that spanned the times before modern day monarchy’s. Stories of Prince Llewelyn and the amazing lineage who rules the court and kingship of Gwynedd.

The wonderful north Wales coast is dotted with the most pristine beaches you will find. Whether you are staying in Snowdonia, Conwy, Anglesey or the Llyn you will be surrounded with opportunities to dig your feet into the sand and have a paddle wherever you do. Anglesey boasts beaches on every side of its wonderful island. Holy Island also boats some beauties that even the most avid of explorer won’t even know about, there are secret coves on every side you just have to go explore and find them- see our map on north Wales beaches here !

IF you love water sports then this is the place for you, with so many opportunities for waters sports in north Wales you really will be swamped for choice. If you love to fish there are  are boundless opportunities, to shore fish, boat fish, spear fish and fly fish the world id linearly your oyster!

Or maybe you are a boating enthusiast and like to sail, again we have more than 10 excellent sailing clubs and marinas dotted all along our stunning coast so you can hop to each one and have a stay or maybe your passing though on. bigger passage to Ireland, Scotland and the IOM.

If you love swimming then you again will be spoilt for choice, with uncrowded waters on so many of the islands beaches you can spend most days doing front crawl and not see too many others. Or maybe your into Scube, SUP, Kayak, Surf, Kite Surf, Wind surf and all the other sports too, as we cater equally for all this sports here also. Look u the nearest clubs shops and see our guides and maps on where to head out too, but you better book a longer stay as you won’t want to leave.

North Wales is transforming itself into the European capital for adventure with an adventure sport to suit ever interest and passion under the sun. We are steeped in folklore, culture and based in the rugged backdrop of mountains and the dynamic western Celtic sea coastline. Our story go back a long long way and north Wales was the former seat and welsh throne. We have history that spans back eons of time and the most wondrous stone circles, standing stones and ancient settlements where our former Celtic and druidic cousins in habited our lands.

We are a passionate race and we love our home land as much any another. We speak our mother tongue Welsh and we are a caring, compassionate and kind tribe that love to share these blessed lands we have inherited from our forefathers. North Wales is rising again from its deep slumber to put itself on the map as one of the most dynamic and culturally wonderful places on this planet. With some of the most striking beauty and awe inspiring scenery, wildlife and ocean.

Whether you are after a taste of culture, the outdoors or you maybe after spending time touring north Wales by boat visiting all our wonderful ports. Or maybe your an avid walker wishing to explore the Anglesey coastal path, Snowdonia’s beautiful peaks. North Wales is a prime golf destination with over 35+ amazing Golf courses in the most stunning backdrops with a course to suit every style and ability. North wale sis also one of the best and most diverse fishing destinations in Europe, from fly fishing, bass fishing to boat finishing we have a little bit of everything here to suit all styles.

Climbers are spoilt by some of the best and iconic  climbing in the world. Where a lot of the original and first ever trad climbing took place in the Llnberis pass and gogarti bay at north stack on holy island. You can climb on some of the most diverse rock types from the limestone escarpments of the orme, to the steep slate of the Llanaberis pass. The exposed sea cliffs of gorgarth bay will get you or you the multi pitch climbed of tremadog will get you pumped- literally you can climb on so many different rock types and styles.

At north Wales we have a plethora of stunning accommodation choices to suit and meet your needs. From coastal cottages to mountain bolt holes we have a range of warm, cosy and holiday cottages for your stay. Check our guide on holiday cottages with is presented to you by Menai holiday cottages and Sykes holiday cottages, which are leaders in the field in these parts.

Of course there are other sites like Air B&B which also have a great range on there too. If its hotels and little luxury you are after then we have a bit of that too, with some stunning hotels in north Wales, you will be sure to find one that hosts all the right spots for your stay. Like Chateaux Rhinafa on the Menai straits or maybe you will like the new 5* Sandy Mount House in Rhosneigr. Either way you’ll find a stunning place to unwind in north Wales.